[Master Discussion] Black Friday Summon Event 2021 - FAQ, Discussion, Offers, Summons Results

Welcome to our biggest Summon Gate ever — it’s the Black Friday extravaganza!

:spiral_calendar: Schedule

Start Time End Time Duration
2021-11-24T07:00:00Z 2021-11-29T07:00:00Z 5 Days

:man_singer: Black Friday Summon


Appearance Rates


Featured Heroes:
kép kép

Written format

Rare Hero: 71.0%
Epic Hero: 26.5%
Legendary Hero: 2.3%

Highlighted Legendary Hero: 0.2%
Featured heroes: Gaillard, Peñolite

Summoning Costs:


You can use gems only.
Single Pull: 350 gems
10x Pull: 3000 gems
30x Pull: 8400 gems

Black Friday Bonus Chest:

The chest will contain 4 items with a certain chance.
Here are the chances based on @Dorkus 's collection in Beta (where this chest was available instead of Challenge Festival Bonus Chest):

Examples from Beta:

  1. 1x Aether III, 2x20 Emblems, 1xOrb of Magic
  2. 2x Rare Trainer Hero, 2x Large Food Bundle, 2x (2x Medium Food Bundle)
  3. 1xAether II, 20 Emblems,1x Mystic Rings, 1x Hidden Blade
  4. 2x Epic Trainer Hero, 2x Giant Food Bundle, 1x Aether I, 50 Emblems

Examples from Live Game:
kép kép kép

Heroes in the portal

You can not pull costumes from the portal.

Based on the annoucement the possible heroes in the portal:

Event Rare Heroes Epic Heroes Legendary Heroes

Old challenge events
Fables of Grimforest Pixie Gretel, Hansel Boss Wolf, Puss in Boots, Red Hood, Rumpelstiltskin, Snow White
Guardians of Teltoc Guardian Bat Guardian Falcon, Guardian Jackal Guardian Chameleon, Guardian Gazelle, Guardian Kong, Guardian Panther, Guardian Owl
Knights of Avalon Bauchan Merlin, Sir Lancelot Black Knight, Guinevere, King Arthur, Lady of the Lake, Morgan Le Fay
Pirates of Coreilla Vodnik Peters, Boomer Captiain Keshrel, Finley, Lady Locke, Marie-Thérèse, Sargasso
Riddles of Wonderland Shrubbear Captian of Diamonds, Chesire Cat Alice, Jabberwock, Queen of Hearts, The Hatter, White Rabbit

New challenge events
League of Villains Edd, Shrekok Ingolf, Sangrior Asterius, Crystalis, Dark Lord, Isrod, Karnov, Toxicandra
Slayers of Fell Shadows Noril, Maeve Aodhan, Cillian, Orla Caitlín, Cathal, Rian, Saoirse, Senan
Starfall Circus Candy, Whacker D"André, Eichelborg, Marcel Bobo, Director Zuri, Eiora & Fluffy, Emilio, Faline, Theobald

Hero of the Months
2017 HotM - - Alberich, Athena, Ares,Hel, Musashi, Perseus, Thoth-Amun
2018 HoTM - - Aegir, Aeron, Alasie, Deliah, Drake Fong, Evelyn, Gravemaker, Gregorion, Khiona, Natalya, Zeline, Zimkitha
2019 HoTM - - Anzogh, Frida, Grazul, Grimble, Kingston, Kunchen, Margaret, Miki, Neith, Onatel, Ranvir, Seshat
2020 HotM - - Bai Yeong, Clarissa, Jean-Francois,Glenda, Malosi, Noor, Raffaele, Reuben, Telluria, Vela, Zocc, Zulag
2021 HoTM - - Alexandrine, Balbar, Bertila, Chakkoszrot, Devana, Elradir, Frosth, Malicna, Russell, Uraeus, Yang Mai

Tavern of Legends
Bonus Hero - - Myztero

Seasonal events
Springvale Chick Jr., Squire Wabbit Lady Woolerton, Jack O’Hare Killhare, Master Lepus, Sir Roostley
Sand Empire Arman, Hisan Gafar, Jabbar Rana, Roc, Yunan
Return to Morlovia Jack, Vlad Frank, Valeria Francine, Vanda, Victor
Santa’s Challenge Frosty, Rudolph Buddy, Carol Krampus, Mother North, Santa Claus

Season 2 Chocin, Gato, Gill-Ra, Melia, Mnesseus, Muggy, Namahage Agwe, Ameonna, Danzaburo, Gaderius, Gobbler, Proteus, Sumitomo, Triton, Wilbur Ariel, Atomos, Inari, Kageburado, Misandra, Mitsuko, Mokk-Arr, Poseidon, Tarlak, Ursena
Season 3 Agnes An-Windr, Bjorn, By-Ulf, Ei-Dunn, Grevle, Jarvur, Kvasir, Nordi, Sudri Almur, Brynhild, Fura, Gullinbursti, Jott, Mireweave, Mist, Shadereave, Stonecleave, Sumle Alfrike, Baldur, Bera, Fenrir, Freya, Frigg, Gefjon, Heimdall, Lady Loki, Lord Loki, Norns, Odin, Salmon Loki, Sif, Skadi, Thor, Tyr
Season 4 Gramps, Helo, Morris, Poppy, Vollermork Griffin, Mack, Rokkamush, Tettukh, Zila Lei Akkorog, Aouda, Captian Nemo, Dr. Moreau, Elizabeth, Garjammal, Hannah, Lepiota, Lughaidh, Morel, Octros, Phileas Fogg, Prof. Lidenbrock, Russula, Xnolphod, Zenobia

Tower events
Ninja Tower - Ametrine, Sapphire, Shale Cobalt, Garnet, Jade, Mica, Onyx, Ruby, Quartz, Zircon
Tower of Magic Dölgöön, Kornel Anastasia, Anton, Sergei Agrafen, Cristóbal, Milena, Mortega, Nadezdha

Alliance Quest
Clash of Knights Aderyn, Bertulf Ferant, Wren Esme, Ludwig, Quenell, Wolfgang

Brand new heroes which will come in 2022
Unkown Event - - Gaillard, Peñolite
Total 45 57 172

:money_mouth_face: Offers

The price is in HUF (320 hUF = 1 USD)

Offer 1:

:warning: Do not forget to collect the free Trainer Troops until 2021-11-26T07:00:00Z :warning:

Offer 2:

More Information about Trainer Troops:

:question: Questions?

If you have questions about the Portal, please post them down below.

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Thanks for all you do @PlayForFun ! I’m still doubting about whether to summon here, but having you list all this information is helping me decide!


Love the organization of the heroes!


I hope I haven’t missed any :slight_smile: Let me know if you see a missing hero or if you see a typo in a hero"s name.


1 thing I noticed: Rokkamush is listed as legendary in season 4 but is only epic.

Thank you for compiling this, @PlayForFun ! As a new player, the vast majority of these heroes are ones I don’t have yet, so it’s really helpful to see the list!


Thx, I have fixed it. :slight_smile:

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Alberich (e and r are switched), Bertila (extra l), Lughaidh (missing the d, no pun intended!)

Thx, I have fixed these too.


Saoirse (i and r are switched).

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I have fixed this too, thx.

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@PlayForFun … thank you very much for pulling this together. It really is appreciated. Nice one


@PlayForFun Much gratitude to you for putting together this hero list. It will be a point of reference for me as I still haven’t decided whether or how many times to pull. (My only gem pull got me Proteus, in my early days.). It’s great to see these nonclassic heroes compiled and listed in one place… thanks so much!


certain is spelled incorrectly…

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Thx, I have fixed this too.

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Since I don’t have much gems, will have to wait and see how much a pull will cost make a decision on wether I will actually make an attempt here.


You are awesome PFF. Really, always so impressed at the work you do for us.

:tips glass:


Shame that the heroes listed that have costumes already available won’t have them in this portal. Oh well


The good is no S1 heroes. But the bad is the % of the hero that you really want is so low.

This event is ideal for those who haven’t gotten any major event heroes. But don’t pull simply because you want a Guardian Panther or a red ninja. Better odds for the actual event.


Would the heroes from new challenge events be included? It says past challenge events in the announcement. I was curious if that meant the older ones about to be retired and not the new ones as well. Unless “past” means all the ones that have come out before this event and not newer ones coming out in the future.

Great work on the list @PlayForFun !

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I am not sure we will see it in about 7 hours and 15 minutes.

I will adjust list if needed.