[Master Discussion] - Master Trainers

Master Trainers are now arrived to the live game.

They have added in Version 49 to the game.

Master Trainers can be received as a reward from Legends of Kalevala Seasonal event.

There are reports that they are receivable from Hero Academy. level 7.
Staff confirmed that receiving them from HA 7 should not be possible.

They do no have a specific element, and they can not be used in battle so they can be used for feeding other heroes only.
They give the same XP during leveling regardless of the element.

Regardless they have a Special skill called “Traner Strike”, which is the follwoing:

  • "Deals 150% damage to the target.

Master Trainers details

- Epic Master Trainer Rare Master Trainer Uncommon Master Trainer Common Master Trainer
Image ???
Mana Speed Fast Average Slow Slow
Power 354 289 222 157
Defense 350 290 230 170
Heath 600 550 480 360
XP 6600 3300 1980 1320

Comparisation to other (unleveled) heroes used for feeding

Hero Rarity Same element (XP) Different element (XP)
Normal Hero :star: 180 150
:star::star: 468 390
:star::star::star: 756 630
:star::star::star::star: 1080 900
:star::star::star::star::star: 1440 1200
Tranier Hero :star: 1200 1000
:star::star: 1800 1500
:star::star::star: 3000 2500
:star::star::star::star: 6000 5000

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Beta information:


One of my alliance mates already got a master trainer 2* from academy.


I suppose it was Hero Academy Level 7, right ? (Train Trainer Heroes)

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Yes it is HA7.

20 characters.

Is version 49 out already for some or your alliance mate got it in v48 even?

Today i got this from HA… Nice it’s seems


Finally something good from HA

As they aren’t meant to be out till v49 and was no mention of them going into HA I am expecting this to be confirmed as a bug and them removed from HA in same way when ninja troops first came out there were a few cases of them being received from HA due to an error

Is this a universal adapter for trainers?

Bad news. Receiving Master Trainers from Hero Academy seems to be a bug:

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I foresaw it, expected it, and was 1000% sure that this would happen. :crazy_face:

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Can you check that it gives 1320 XP during leveling ?

This number is just an assumption from me in the OP.



Thanks for the sceenshots !

I have removed the ??? from the XP gived by 1 star Master Trainers.

So is the seasonal event the only place you can get them?

Check the game today. They’re on sale for 11 €…

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Yes…, and not it lets me to add their images to the OP.

I will add the Epic one too, once Kalevala starts.


Thanks, I meant any other way besides purchasing

Can anyone inform that how much master trainer hero gives Xp while upgrading heroes?

Just a little research would have gotten you the main thread with all the known info about them.