[Master Discussion] - Styx Troops

New Styx Troops arrived in Version 50.

Image will be added once the event goes live.

Version 50 release notes mentioned Styx Troops will be included in Tower of Styx.

Updated Epic Troop Progression – Includes new Magic Troops

Credits to @birksg

Changes compared to Magic Troops:

  • 11% mana generation can only be reached at level 12 instead of 11.
  • 14% mana generation can be reached earlier at level 16 instead of 17.
  • 20% mana generation can be reached earlier at level 27 instead of 29.
  • There is Bypass chance instead of healing.
  • Defense and Attack increase is lower for Styx troops with 1-2% on all levels.

Saving Tiles

Beta topic about these troops:


This is brilliant, thanks as always @PlayForFun


I have 8 ETTs, hopefully I can get 1 Styx troop of it. (and the resources to level it up)


Lets see how many show up from my 67 tokens. I paused magic troops at 11, hoping to invest on the Styx.


So leveling Styx troop from 3 to 4 doesn’t increase any stat? There must be a typo, right?

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Probably bypass is just 9 on level 3.

I will check tomorrow.

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Now that I have a set of every troop. I stopped leveling the mana troops at lvl 11 and have been banking feeders…

What is the most efficient way to get more feeders to level these Styx troops?

It seems that the healing will not be missed and that poor ninja troops get the short end of the stick on bypass.

So while there are advantages to the other troops, for the average Joe User, who can only afford to level one set of troops, Styx troops seem to be the ones to level. You get attack, defense, mana and bypass. Great generic things to have on all your hitters. Only a Tank seems to want healing in lieu of bypass, so MAYBE when I’m rich, I would give a different troop a look just for my very special tank to have all to their lonesome.


Same here. But I will choose Wizard troops instead.

Good to mention: I already have a level 30 mana troop for all the elements except nature / green

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Well I strated out with 79 ETT …now have 3 purple, 1 yellow, 1 blue, 3 green & 0 red with 20 tokens to spare :yum:
This was amazing…3 in a row…I was like :astonished:

The very last of my 20 remaining tokens got the red…whoo hoo! Full set :slight_smile:


Had saved up 160 ETT
The purple was holding out, but got 2 in the last 20 ETT’s, and now have 4 blue, 3 red, 2 dark and holy and 1 green. So very happy.
Got 9% regular 4* and 7,5% styx troops, so beat the odds.

Now for the grind of leveling… :dizzy_face:


40 tokens got 2 dark 1 nature. 2 of them in first 6 next 14 got me my 2nd dark then 20 non cyclops troops. Got greedy obviously lol.


56 tokens, 3 cyclops, 2 green and 1 yellow. Not great, but can’t expect anything more with these rate$.

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50 tokens. One of the new troops of each colour, and 5 more of standard 4*. Only purple ninjas avoid me…


8 tokens -. One dark and one Red. Why can’t this hapenned in the Portal :sweat_smile:


9 tokens, red and green crit troops. :frowning:

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93 tokens, only wanted red&purples Styx troops, as I’m still working Magics to 23 in other colours (did not get Magics for red&purple), but ofc would gladly take other colours too for the future.

17 4* troops in total, 3 of them being Styx Troops. Blue, red, purple. So I’m happy with the outcome, even though Styx results weren’t very good, but got what I was after and 4* troops in total were over the odds.

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28 ETTs. Only got the purple one from the last two pulls

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Alrighty…coming back to the point…

What is your opinion on these creatures? It’s nice, that they have little quicker mana breakdowns, but apart from that? I think healing is much more important on attack, than on defense, since we rarely see a medic in the def team, apart from Xnol, and now Rhys (at least in the top tier wars).

On def team, on the other hand, Cyclops seems nice with their bypass. I really like watching these terryfing heroes crushing themselves on my Sif or Mits. 25% is not that high, but it’s not a little either, so it can make a difference sometimes.

All in all, I think Magic Troops are overall better than cyclops. That’s why I think it’s not that bad, that they have lower mana breakdowns.

What are your thoughts?

Table updated.
Lebel 3 bypass value was wrong (or changed).


Got green, red and blue and all i wanted was dark and yellow as they are my main attack stack.
But no complains. also got 7 other mana troops and crit troops. Pretty good haul.

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