[Master Discussion] - Magic Troops

New Magic Troops will arrive in Version 46.

Version 46 release notes mentioned Magic Troops will be included in Tower of Magic.

Updated Epic Troop Progression – Includes new Magic Troops

Note - they appear to follow the same progression as the old “mana troops”; however have only verified as far as Lvl7.

Saving Tiles


Wonder what the feature magic troops will have.

Likely increasing spell damage/effectiveness/duration

@Petri May I have question from you ?

As these troops are announced in Version 46 release notes will these available for those who will still be on Version 45.1 ?
So should we wait with our troop pulls until we can update to Version 46.
Or these troops were in version 45.1, and they will be available for everyone at start ?


Possibly include % to dodge special skills as against bypass in Ninja troops ; or % to increase buff duration by 1…2…:thinking:

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If ninja troops increase the chances of the Ranger Pierce talent, then my guess is magic troops increase either Jinx or Delay talent

Manashield increase would be tempting too :smiley:


I’m more thinking magic troops to give more mana boost than actual mana troops

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I have used all my troop tokens of course as I didn’t expect magic troops since they were not there upon magic tower release. Pretty annoying once again.

Let’s hope they are not better than mana troops or the community will be fuming.

I’m curious if they will be obtainable from retraining normal troops in Hero Academy 9


Just guessing but they may can give chance to get a mana generation increase Stack like the Magic Family ?
We will see :slight_smile:


I am 100% sure, that they won’t be available there as the Ninja Troops are not available there either.
(Side note: Due to some bug they weare available there for a few days pre-release.)


ah, at least now I can get something new with my Troop Tokens, instead of just collecting feeders… though for that matter, maybe I would prefer the feeders :stuck_out_tongue: troop leveling is expensive!


This is what I came here for. Hopefully we get an answer.

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I don’t think they will be very mana related. It would annoy every single person with maxed mana troops. I really believe that this would be the straw for a lot of people. And I think that SG understands that.
So I think they will be interesting nice to haves.


You are all wrong…
Magic troops are magic little beings that will change it’s hero to any given hero you wish for in that battle…

And yes. I am very happy in my own little fantasy world (if you were wondering)


If it gives mana stacks, then the maximum mana generarion increase can be +50% which in far more what you can do with mana troops, but of course this is might not be guaranteed.

Anyway we will see what was staff’s idea about them tomorrow.

Are they going to release the new magic troops tomorrow?

According to this quote from the release notes, yes:



ah, the suspense!

I’m gonna have trouble sleeping tonight waiting to see what those Magic Troops are…

… not

(sarcasm time :slight_smile: )


If it is mana stacks then, would it overwrite the Slayers mana stacks or work together?

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There is no info yet what the special ability could be…

So also no info what it overwrites or not…

We need to be patient until tomorrow…