[Master] Can you leave the alliance AFTER matchmaking but return BEFORE war starts?

I keep hearing no, cuz I won’t be able to use my flags if I do… I’m confused…


You can enter/ exit the alliance & still participate / get participation for the war:

  • Before matchmaking starts (be back before matchmaking starts)
  • After matchmaking but before war starts
  • After war is over & loot is given.

War participation also only resets if you PARTICIPATE in another alliances war.

Also search function is your friend.


Much appreciated… That helped a lot…

Yes you can. My alliance does all the time and have never had an issue. As long as you are back before war starts then you’re all good

A member in our Alliance missed Titan attacks (Titan went faster than normal). They need Titan attacks for Path of Valor. War Matchmaking has just started for the coming Alliance War. If they leave after War Matchmaking is complete to get the Titan attacks they need, and return before the Alliance War starts, will they still be able to participate in the Alliance War with our Alliance? If so, would they still have the same War Participation Score?

I read the Alliance Wars support article and it is not clear to me if this is allowed. The article mentions

If you leave your Alliance during the matchmaking phase and come back later, you will be placed in Spectator Mode for that war.

It does not explicitly state what happens if you leave after War Matchmaking, though.

Sorry if this has already been asked; I couldn’t find a recent post.

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Short answer, yes.

See here for links to more info: Can you leave the alliance AFTER matchmaking but return BEFORE war starts?


Where are they going? What the hell? Let them collect the necessary number of killed titans in their Alliance. In my Alliance, any trips to other alliances are strictly forbidden. And none of my fighters were injured. All have completed the first Path of valor. And on the second path of valor, too, everything will end, without leaving the Alliance in order to beat other titans.
In my Alliance, the doors open one way. Any person who wants to go for a walk will not be accepted back.

Thank you! Don’t know how I missed that. :flushed:

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Not a problem, often times finding something when searching comes down to getting lucky enough to describe something in game with enough words in common with a previous post. I seem to get it about half the time.


Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:


No where, as far as I know. I was just asking to see if this was an option without influencing their ability to participate in the Alliance War.

We have no such rule in our Alliance. To each, their own. :v:

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I have left the alliance a handful of times to use titan flags that would have otherwise gone to waste because the titan died quickly and returned before the war started and have never had an issue. Others have done it also without any difficulty. Just make sure you get the alliance war message in chat before going anywhere, it can take a long time for the matchmaking process to complete.

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Thanks a lot for info, did not know. Mostly because I am obsessed with Bragging Rights Rewards and was in the same alliance for more than a year and that number does reset.

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Continuing the discussion from :supervillain: [Feb 2021] League of Villains Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results:

how long before the war starts, do I have to return to the alliance so that I can participate in the war?

I haven’t tried this myself, but if I were to, I’d follow this advice.

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Has SG changed the rules about mercing after matchmaking has been done? My friend was going to merc and got this warning. Naturally he’s afraid to test it!


Is there still that issue with people getting back in time for war but still can’t compete?

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That issue had been fixed and players were mercing again after matchmaking. This seems to be a new warning.


It’s very confusing. I just checked my own message and it gives the warning with the time to be back.

So it says be home for dinner in xx hours xx mins

I have asked what the deal is I’m waiting on a reply :+1:


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