Ex-member of alliance still on war battlefield


8h before the ongoing AW started (matchmaking was already done) an alliance member left, yet they are still on the battlefield. This will massively disadvantage our alliance in this war. Is that common?

Your help is much appreciated!

If a player leaves after matchmaking but before end of war, they will still be on the field.
Otherwise matchmaking should be done again taking into conssideration the player that left.
Since all wars start (somewhat) at the same time, it not doable to redo the matchmaking again when a player leaves an alliance.

So this is not a bug and is intended as such.


Thanks Harry. I understand the matchmaking cannot be redone. But would a player who opted out of war after matchmaking but before the war actually started still feature on the battlefield as well? If that’s the case, similarly should an ex-member be removed from the field.

Yes, if they left a few hours before war started, then they were there when the matchmaking was done, thus, they are included in the war.

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Thanks Lucas. We’ve never actually had either case (member leaving alliance or opting out) in our alliance before, so we weren’t sure what was going on.

Thanks again to all who replied


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