Question about war flags

An alliance member used 3 war flags, then accidentally Left the alliance and returned immediately. He showed up as Ex-member when he returned. Could he have used his remaining 3 flags or were they now void? Also, trying to find his name on the war points board and his points from the first 3 flags are gone. Do they still count or no? Thanks!

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If someone leaves an alliance during war, they can no longer use the remaining flags.

His points do not appear on the leaderboard but are still counted towards your score.


The points should still count towards the total score - I think? Last time that happened to one of my alliances was over a year ago, but at least that is how it used to work.

But yeah, they might not actually get credit for it themselves. That’s the main reason why I’m hesitant to “alliance hop” anywhere near war time, even if it’s to help a friend. Too risky. :frowning_face:

Can’t add much to what @D_DI has said.

Although your alliance mates’ points will be recorded as ex-member in the attack log. So they won’t get any loot from the war.

Their participation in the war still counts, in terms of the war chest, as long as they don’t war anywhere else before returning.

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