[Master] Can you leave the alliance AFTER matchmaking but return BEFORE war starts?

I’d take it at face value that maybe the standard now. I can’t find anything in the last updates that actually mention it.
I haven’t got a reply as yet either.

I think there was something in one of the recent updates about them adding this. Cant remember which off hand though.

Yes, they changed the text with the version 35.1 update.
Haven’t tested if it still works.

I can’t see it.

Found it


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It’s not stated there :man_shrugging:
But I tested it, I was V35 and it showed me the time when I need to come back. After downloading the update to V35.1 it showed me the message, that I won’t be able to participate in the next war when I leave now.

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I actually did go back to Jan but not that one, Being it was just addressed and nobody said nothing before hand thought it may be addressed earlier.
Thank you :+1:

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@princess1 got yall answer thank @Kilted for information :+1:

But that’s the old version in V34 where it says you have x hours before you must be back.

The new version in V35.1 says that when you leave you can’t participate in the coming war.

So there seems to be still something weird.

It could be a case of updates of people could be a factor .the new 35.1 update said nothing about
Change about it.
My feeling is xx time is standard of coming back before war starts.

We are facing a team that had 22 people signed up for war but 19 of them left and are listed as ex members on board - can they still return and use their war hits?

Members can leave after matchmaking but they will be able to participate in the war only if they return before the war begins.

But if the war has begun (i.e. you can see their teams on the battlefield) but they are displayed as ex-members, then they can’t use their flags.


Have fun! :rofl::joy:

19 ex members on board, war has started, only 3 members currently in alliance, so that means those 19 cant hit since not back in alliance before war started?

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Yes, even if they return they’ll be in spectator mode only. Enjoy yourselves. They can’t attack you!

Wow. Someone’s about to have a bad war day. Or a really good war day depending on which side you’re on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@KingKurtice y’all should post the final score with a screenshot of the battlefield once it’s over. I think it would be interesting to see and share. Maybe they were all disgruntled and left, or maybe they all decided to go merc titans, but either way it’s some really bad timing for your opponent.


Just to add one thing, an unfortunate lesson recently learned with my alt - I was out mercing before war started, but due to the difference in war start times between alliances, war started in alliances where I went in and hit a titan. Then when I returned to my home alliance - 100% on time before our war started, about 1.5h to go before war - I was out of war, in spectator mode.

I can only speculate this was because of being in another alliance while their war had started, even though our own had not. I was in spectator mode in that alliance, as would be expected. I am surprised at this because I didn’t actually take part in any other war. It is the only explanation I can think of.

Can anyone confirm this is how it works, or should work? Really didn’t see that coming, but lesson learned…

It’s always better to err on the side of caution.

Can they come back and still use their hits before end of war?

No. Once it’s kick-off, no one can join the field if they show as ex-member.


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