Costume (Bonus) Khagan or Reuben

So, I have had cold feet on pressing the final ascension on Reuben, but my only other real option would be Costume (bonus) Khagan. I say bonus because I would probably want to use his hit 3 over the single target. I do have Azlar and Elena, but neither of those has their costumes.

My current lineup for Reds are:

I think I am looking for someone to pair up with Costume Marjana as a nice one/two punch, which currently Marj and Tyr do reasonable together. While Reuben is Fast and could go off right with Marj his damage percent is rather low, and I am not sure I can get him many emblems to assist with that. On the other hand Costume bonus Khagan would also hit 3 but at Slow… Khagan would probably not be in line for emblems either, but would get the costume bonus stats.

What do I do?
  • Ascend Reuben
  • Ascend Khagan & Costume
  • Neither, they both are terrible
  • I don’t care what you do

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Khagan will sit lovely in your War team 2 same as he does in mine.

I voted Rueben as a partial healer in a mono red team just to give the rest of the team survivability.
I see I am the only one though :frowning:

I don’t think either will make your top team so perhaps just go Khagan for better use in very fast wars.

Just as a clarification I raid 3:2, I know the image says “War Teams” but it was just a way to pull them all in to view haha… I like to build the teams when I see who I am going against, but usually 3:2 with a few 3:1:1 when it feels right.

Do you think Reuben is still useful in a 3 stack or 2 stack?

You have Marjana’s costume. I would wait for a duplicate Marjana (attainable through TC20 or HA10).

I use Elena and Azlar far more often than Khagan. I do not have Reuben.

I do have a second unleveled 1:1 Marjana. I usually vote for diversity over duplicates, but would having two of her be a lot better than something new?

I would say so, but others might have a different opinion. Using 3:2, a second red defense down would be useful, imo.

Fast elemental defense down is not to be scoffed at; plus it would add depth for mythic titan hits.


I love my costume khagan but having 2 costume marjanas is brutality imho.

Reuben for the 1-2 punch even with a lower % as the speed synergize with cMarj.

You play mono red which gives additional minions and he gives skill protection to all.

Does not finish like cAzlar but still a very decent combo.

Go for 2nd Marjana and her costume.


I would also go for dupe Marjana since you have the costume. She is perfect for red stacks, and will bring you much more than unique but pathetic cards.

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if you are going for high scores in events khagan might be better because he does much more damage on hit three then the other ones.

Thanks everyone for the votes and the replies. I think I have a good idea about where to go for now and I think that is with a second Costume Marjana. I played around with building teams with both Khagan and Reuben and all of them used C.Marj, so having a second one first will allow me to build more teams in Red for war and when it comes time for the next red (could still be Khagan or Reuben) they will fit in the teams even better with a red def down on 2 teams.


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