Azlar or Reuben?

I already have GM, Marjana, Noor, and Elena maxed. With 2 slow and somewhat useless heroes already, I am leaning towards Reuben. What do you think?

You have GM and Marjana for burning and you have 2 slows already so I would max Reuben right now


Reuben is better. He has small synergy with GM and big one with C.Marjana (if you managed to pull her).

Azlar is good, but unsynergistic - his small burn will conflict with big one from GM.


I am all for Reuben.

Fast is good,
Fast is wise,

Hero that will fit in in many rotations.



If you have Azlar costume that would be a game changer because he hits like a truck.

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Thank you all for your opinions. It is nice to feel confident I’m not going to have regrets. :grinning:

I have Azlar costume and Reuben, same situation… I don’t have the rings but although I wanted Reuben for my mono I’m leaning towards Azlar. Mainly for war depth and rush tournament. It’s a shame that there’s too much overwriting with JF and GM though.

Reuben > Azlar
Costume Azlar >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Reuben

For the thread question, Reuben. Mainly because you have other burners, especially Gravemaker. Non costume Azlar is a poor hero.

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