Toxicandra or c. Kadilen?

I know this is a first world problem but I got extremely lucky at my last two summons and got these two girls. Toxicandra and costumed Kadilen. I can only max one and I was going for toxicandra because of her fast heal and cleanse. But I need a better tank (Clarissa at the moment) so I am in a bind. I was initially going to replace Alby with Toxicandra but now I don’t know what to do.

Do you already have regular Kadilen leveled?
If not, I’d go for Toxicandra, since it’s faster and needs less Materials

In general I really prefer Toxicandra over c. Kadilen. However, having a good tank is much more important than having a good healer/cleanser for a defense team.
If you feel you need c. Kasdilen as a tank then I am sorry to recommend you to go for c. Kadilen.

I’d go with C. Kadilen instead.
You already have a green 5* healer (Alby), and I think that C.Kadilen is a beast both in defense and attack.
So you can have a good tank and an hard option in your attacks.
If you need a green healer over Alby you can use Melendor or Brynhild.

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C.Kadilen is much better than Toxicandra. C.Kadilen is also top 10 best tank.

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Thank you everyone. I was leaning towards c Kadi myself. Looks like that’s where mats are going.

Offense - Toxic is much better

Defense - cKadilen

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I asked the same question, more feedback here:


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