Margaret is not a performer

I have her up to 4/75 and am not a fan. Her Tile damage against titans is nice, but her special doesn’t work well there. She usually dies before her special matters in raids. When she does fire it, it only protects part of the team, and then is still unreliable. Not sure what they were going for here, but Inari’s special is so much better - protecting the whole team, and the minions actually have some value. I’m having a hard time finding a place for her in any of my lineups.


i’m sorry to hear that. i have her too and it’s kind of frustrating to have a hotm that i seriously doubt if it is worth replacing gadeirus in my lineup.

Wow more & more people are talking about Margaret & her usefulness. Has there been any other HOTM that has been talked about this bad? No questions here with all this hate maybe SG will do something to make her better in the near future.


there has been aegir that got a big overhaul (without changing the basic principles of his special, that went from bad to really good, without being OP.

truthfully, i’m having difficulties imagining what could they do with marge without changing her significanly or adding some extra effect on her special. maybe expanding her to cover the whole team? something at least

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I use her on my green Titan team…tile damage is king. I do not fire her special though as the animation takes too long.

She is on my green raid team and is awesome. Not only do the hard hitting snipers miss almost every time but Gravy will miss 2/3 as well as other splash hitters. She charges right back up and does it again.

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Interesting because Gravy deals little direct damage. So when candidate dodge chance, does DoT also counts or 20% dodge chance is reserved for Aife?

The other bad HotM is Thoth Amun. Although bad, he is not as bad as Margaret. The very bad part of this is that I have them both and I have to use them due to the lack of 5s in my deck.

Back on Margaret, she is only good when raiding VS snipers. She did win me several matches for what it matters but that’s it. No other uses. Forget titans, forget defense teams. Very disappointing


I know what they could do.
How about her special covers everyone for 3 turns & instead of 15 - 80% dodges depending on how high the special attack is how about just 80% chance to dodge specials PERIOD.


I truly hope so…:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Well, I’m kinda happy about my Marga.

For titans, huge tiles damages.

For raids, in attack (never in defense, she sucks at it), just place her in the middle of your weakest heroes & watch them dodge absolutly every big sniper hits. I play with her everyday, for now more than a month, I can tell that I got hit by Magni, Liana, Marjana, Alasie, Joon (etc etc, every big snipers except Kage) maybe 10 times on 9999 raids.

So yes, she’s usefull. Not the best heroes at all, but she clearly allows you to get a huge survavibility in raids against big snipers.

A cool heroes, but that you can’t always play with. If you face little snipers, or none snipers at all, yes, she’ll just be useless (her CS at least).


I love my Margie on raids!

Currently I just have two maxed 5* heroes, her and Vivica. If I use her in combination with Caedmon or little John, it takes around 10 tiles to kill a maxed Boril or Kiril tank. In my situation, with a power of 3800 and fighting to reach the diamond tier every day, that’s just awesome.

Additionally, her special is great. It could, of course been better and save all heroes, but if you place the two with the lowest hp/defence next to her it works pretty good. One shot from Joon, Lianna, Sartana or Magni is usually killing one of my heroes. If the shot passes, I kill them before they have a second.

Further, I think HOTMs should be exactly like Margie ( or Ranvir). Not some heroes with a A+ grade everyone wants to have in his team. HOTMs should be special characters for specific situations that brought a wider range to the game. But that’s just my two cents…


i would love that but that boat has sailed a long time ago, with the very first hotm actually.

i completely agree not every hotm should be a game changer, but if they release stuff like seshat and kingston then other hotms should at the very least be very solid. marge is not unfortunately, but that is just my opinion of course.


That’s right, I hoped SG turned back to the right way, but then Seshat has been released.

Regarding Kingston, we will see what will come around when beta testing is finished.
On my first Atlantis summon I picked Atomos, checked the forum and found amazing comments. But just see what they’ve done to him…

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The very point I been saying since she came out.
They are called HOTM for a reason not to be sub par to other everyday characters.

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I’ll pick Aife over Margaret anyday. As my five emblem’ed Aife do better against a 2 * titan compare to a 2 / 10 Margaret.
Both are green…yay!

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Ahah, got an Atomos as well… Sitting at 3/70 cause impossible to use any 4* items for him right now. Sad damages, sad defense, slow mana, a simple dispell makes his CS even more useless… Dead heroes :frowning:

I like her on raid attack, titans not so much for her special but tile dmg is ok. As f2p the choice between her and horghall was easy.

I took some footage of her when I first tested her out if it helps to show how she works on raid attack


Right, the biggest joke is, that I had the choice between Margie and Atomos, so I picked Margie to level up.
On the next atlantis summon I picked Tarlak…

She just needs to be a utility character. The only upgrade I can think of without changing her mechanic completely is that if her neighbour’s buff can resist dispells under her and lasts for 4 turns instead of 3. Then she might be a gamechanger.

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The only setup I can see in raid Def is her being in the wing to support a QoH flank, just QoH is enough. Then get a lianna or any nature hero for that fire def boost

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