Margaret is not a performer

If anyone has some good on how to use this hero I’d love to hear it.
She has not proven to be effective and though her special is fast she dies very quick which is not good for those she should assist!

She’s very fast and needs a lvl 11 4* mana troop.

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The tough part is timing the use of her special. Wait until the enemies are going to use their specials.

Otherwise, use her as a green stack for green tile damage.


All 4* to be a performer? Oh my

2nd topic to complain about her?


Why what???..what is your experience bro?

I use an underpowered defence to give me revenge targets. Margaret is only up to 3/60. but i began using her anyway. When cups are low and I can expect weaker opponents I immediately saw more victories. Higher? well she is underpowered. But using her fast dodge can make up for it. That is she don’t get hit. Strong hits will overpower her but she can keep weaker counter attacks going (looking at Cyprian). Think of her as a protective goddess .

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And your 3/60 means? I am struggling to understand these figures

Are you also saying the less cups you have the lesser raid strike?

What say I put her between cyperian and Boril…would that work?

I wish I got her. 800 tile damage is a great addition to a green stack and she gives 3/5 allies 90% to dodge heavy hitting snipers like kage or Alasie or something. At very fast mana. Kinda crazy.


Can the titan reflect hurt her if she hid?

You can find Margaret’s infos here:

and here:


A,B,C…is this a group?

Yes, and it means “Average. Not the greatest or worst”


A is for Athena
B is for Boldtusk
C is for Caedmon
D is for Danzaburo
E is for Renfeld — epitaph: the R is really silent now


3/60 she’s unfinished. haven’t got mats to ascend her. Level 3, 60 whatever you call it.
If you have her give it a go. Also good between bigger heroes.
Not a Tank though. But I did once use her in war between a finished Boril tank and unfinshed Elena
I only got killed twice and that took a few flags. The experiment also used Obakan I was trying out counterattack defences.
I don’t fancy her in attack yet. what’s the point when I got big Heroes.
Point is when facing 4 star teams she worked in her current, lower, state
5 star effectivenss? I will find out eventually but will use Talents to up her defence

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In my opinion, she is a titan specialist that is almost completely worthless unless she is tier 4 / level 80. (4/80).

She’s a luxury for those with deep lineups, but is certainly not someone you can rely on to single-handedly destroy the enemy.

She’s not a defensive hero, she isn’t going to carry your team by herself and she needs a few other quality heroes around her to really boost her effectiveness. However, she absolutely has her place and I am still bummed that I did not get her, wishing she would be offered sooner than next year.


She is great for Titans. She is also very powerful against hard hitting snipers.


how is she a titan specialist? :confused:

i mean, okay, there is tile damage but if we’re talking about her special i just don’t see it. titans normal attacks are what usually kills my team, not specials. rare titans also tend to be hit 3, not all so that too sucks a bit.

she can be a lifesaver, but she is not a specialist in any general field of the game (titans, raids, pve etc.), she is specialis in the negative sense of the word where she will work well in a very specific sub-setting (team full of snipers on raid offense).

she prolonged a few fights in war for me, which is nice, i think once with the winning outcome, but i chose elkanen over her after testing both a bit. i repeat- elkanen (i have eve so that helps of course). maybe one day she will get to 4th ascension if i find myself without anything better to do and 12 extra tonics.


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