Margaret - How the special works

I tried to search the forums for the below but couldn’t come up with a clear answer, many thanks in advance:

(i) She has a lower chance of Dodge on DoT heroes such as GM due to initial 135% damage, so thats why she dodges the DoT itself as well? Or she practically dodges the whole special and as a result the DoT too
(ii) Along the same lines, since there is no inital damage, she doesnt have a chance to dodge Jean Francois or she does at or around the minimum 30% mark as JF special still counts for a ‘damage special’
(iii) What is the situation with our lovely Tell, she has a chance to dodge mana down as well due to initial 130% damage and when she dodges she dodges the whole attack including the mana down?
(iv) Lastly, moderate mana gain was worth 1 tile? And does her special cover all allies, i.e. she casts her special and three different team members dodges, she gets 3 gains, or only dodges on her?

I don’t have Margaret, but I’ll try to answer as best I can.

  1. The DOT get ‘dodged’ because GM has to hit w/ the damage to apply the DOT.

  2. DOTs like JF w/ no initial damage can’t be dodged.

  3. Telly is the same as GM - the hit has to deal damage to apply the status effect.

  4. No information on this, sorry. I think the ‘dodging’ hero gains the mana, not Margaret specifically.

If someone w/ Margaret could counter/correct my points, I’d appreciate it.

I have Margaret and the first 3 are correct.

With respect to Mana, the hero that dodges is the one that gains Mana.

I will bring another example: suppose seshat fires and hits Margaret: she does not lose the buffs because it is her innate resistance, but the other two teammate loses theirs (because seshat has no damage on them, then they cannot dodge, so she dispells)
If seshat hits one of the adjacent teammates of Margaret and that teammate dodges, then seshat does not dispell him, and also cannot dispells Margaret because of her innate ability. If the teammate does not dodge, then seshat dispells him but not Margaret, again because of the innate ability

It’s probably easier to see it in action (vid below) but any special with a damage component has a chance to have the whole special (negative effects also) dodged by any hero with Margarets skill active. Any hero that dodges will receive the mana gained which appears to be around a 15-20% boost.

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