Margaret + Kadilen-C (Double Dodge)

Double Dodge on QoH

With Margaret being more useful and with the new Kadilen costume, I decided to use them together. Inari can be used instead of Kadilen but harder to pull off.

What do you think of this strategy?


It’s a good strategy, as you’re stacking their dodge probabilities together.

The game does two rolls for their dodge buffs in the order they were cast (this is an assumption).

Assuming that you fire Margaret first (because v. fast): One roll for Margaret’s, and one roll for Kadilen’s. So you have a 30% ~ 90% chance to dodge, then if that doesn’t work the game would roll for 45% chance to dodge.

You put the odds on your favor like this. Also makes it possible to protect from passive or non-direct damage skills (like Melendor or J.F.) – Margaret’s dodge can’t trigger for those, but Kadilen’s can.


They don’t overweight each other? If not this is broken :astonished::astonished:

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Crap, I should have saved 2 Margarets… I ate like 5 of them -_-

Oh. My. Goodness.

Love this strategy. Let us know how it works as you use it more.

I am missing QoH and the costume for Kadilen but may look at getting some lucky pulls.

Wait, the dodge stacks?! So I could use Inari and Margaret together?!

Edit : Watched the video they do stack wow. It seems the Kadlien-C icon is the same as Inari’s (minion generating dodge) so I assume those wouldn’t stack?

Nevertheless, I can’t wait to use Inari+Margo at the same time hahaha I guess Rogue Trials are gonna be fun as hell!

Kadilen and Inari don’t stack, they are the same dodge effect. Margaret does stack with Kadilen or Inari.

Thanks for the info DaveCozy.

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Yeah mana dodge and minion dodge , both will be different I guess.

Kadilen-C seems to be really good compared to Inari … I’m quite disappointed actually … it shows Inari to be a weak underpowered hero … Kadilen-C is fast mana, has over half the chance to dodge, her minions are over twice as powerful and she deals damage to all… yes, Inari has mana regeneration but only after a successful dodge, and it’s not significant anyway.

I hope they upgrade Inari’s capabilities in the future … she should have five dodge turns, not three.

I still like inari

But if they were to improve her, i would hope for support feature like cleanse instead of damage

Vivica being the only true yellow cleanser currently is just pitiful and ridiculous


I use that combo mainly for attacking, with caedmon costume to cleanse the pesky dot of vela and grave.
Let’s just say that combination make your roll over Telluria +18/19/20 90% of the time, still depends what you pair with them. Most of the time if you get 6 tiles to fire margareth everything start rolling.

Also i put kadilen costume without emblem as a tank to test and she holds 2600+ cups, just saying.

Please add Justice . You may not be attacked.