Hansel+Gretel attack Seshat

So… Can someone tell me how Seshat deals with Hansel’s and Gretel’s special attacks?

Since she can’t lose mana, will she get damag for 3 turns straight?


She doesn’t protect against hansel gretel merlin

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Is that mean Hansel/Gretel’s skill is not direct mana reduction?


Yes, I think Seshat is protected only against Guin and Mitsuko.

Add Chao, Li Xiu, Azar, Rudolph, and Gan Ju.


Is it intended to be like this?
But then the description of her ability is wrong, because she is losing mana, isn’t it?

Not exactly, the description say direct mana reduction.

Hansel/Gretel reduce it via status therefore indirect.


Add Leonidas to the pool.


Correct. :slight_smile:

Seshat also does not resist Onatel’s mana steal, Hel / Proteus’ mana block, nor Merlin’s Mindless Attack.

She will resist the new hero Nimue minions that reduce mana as well. (Nimue = Lady of the Lake… latter is such a dumb name but I digress)


It looks like this was never directly tested but I had this happen in a fight today and it said Seshat was “possessed.” She couldn’t use her special and she took damage for 3 straight turns.

I’m not sure if this is a regression but it definitely surprised me.

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I found another post about it.

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