Margaret: Answers to Questions about her Skill Mechanics

May’s new hero of the month, Margaret: Margaret – New May 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

I’ve gathered some questions from the thread above. When it comes to dodging special skills, she is the 2nd hero (1st one being Inari). This naturally sprung up a lot of questions.

I’m creating this thread to keep a record of them, and in hopes that someone who has her can clear them up as she is leveled.

Q1: Class is a Rogue… who already has a talent to evade special attacks. However the talent does not avoid any ailments. Does Margaret’s dodge work the same? Avoiding damage but not status effects? Or is it like Inari’s?

Answer: Margaret’s dodge will ONLY trigger for skills that do damage, and she will dodge the entire skill. Confirmed in beta by Zephyr:

Video confirmation by Mariamne:

So far, it doesn’t seem like she can dodge any skills that don’t do damage (e.g. Proteus’s mana block and poison).

Q2: If she avoids due to evade, does she still gain mana if she fired her ability?

Answer: No, she does not gain mana if she fails her dodge, but if evade kicks in. Just like Inari’s skill (see answer to question below)

Q3: Does the game do two individual rolls? One for evade and one for the mana dodge?

*Answer: There was actually a bug with how the dodge worked: it was two individual rolls, but both could be triggered at the same time. Evade would nullify the mana gain effect from the dodge.

This has been corrected in V24: Version 24 Release Notes & Status

If a hero has both dodge status effect and evade talent the dodge status effect is applied first.

Q4: Speaking of Inari, do their dodge special skill boosts stack?

Answer: According to 7DD discord group, yes! They stack! That means that you get two separate rolls

That also means that a dodge can trigger either a minion or a mana boost, but not both in the same dodge. This is still useful to stack, however, as Inari’s skill dodges more than just skills that do damage.

Q5: Does she get buffs stolen by Hatter?

Answer: Margaret has a native resist to being dispelled, and Hatter’s steal counts as a dispel. Even if her dodge fails, Hatter still can not steal buffs from her (but he can steal her dodge buff from her nearby allies). See the thread below for another example of the hatter not being able to steal “undispellable” buffs:

Q6: How does her dodge rate work? I.e. what are the exact cap numbers that trigger the difference between the 20% dodge and the 90% dodge?

Assumption: The damage to the target is the only thing taken into account. Needs confirmation. Also still unknown where it starts at the 20% dodge and where it caps to the 90% dodge

Q7: If defensive buffs are active (Spirit Link, special skill def+, general def+, elemental def+) vs an attacker that would do the 90% attack, does she (or her neighbors) get the full 90% dodge, or anywhere in between down to the 1/5th?

There is no officially confirmed answer on this, and likely there won’t be without a developer response or without very thorough testing.

We can assume that the dodge rate is based on the damage after all buffs and ailments are taken into account

Please add more questions as they come up too!


I know this… there’s a better then 99% chance she will dodge our summoning.


Buddy, I feel with you.

Place her in the corner beneath Thorn and let this two kids play. Shes wore than a gambler like Wu. Maybe they do something with her in a view month and became broken later on. Like Aegir.

What is high dmg? Is the dmg from Lianna already „100%“ high or is it the dmg from a Titan?
No one knows

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LOL, true that. You made me laugh with this one :laughing:

I’m banking on beating hard mode, and then hopefully getting her through atlantis. I got Khiona that way when I saved up only 600 coins (that was also lucky)

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That is funny…I’m the jack wagon that pulled her with an EHT :).

Q1: answer is wrong. Margaret’s dodge is not like Inari’s. Margaret’s dodge only applies to “special attacks that do damage”, while Inari’s applies to “Special Skills” including debuffs, dispels, …

For instance, with Alasie’s special, under Margaret’s special, the damage can be dodged, but not the mana generation reduction.


updated Q1, will investigate exactly what “Damage” means in her skill (early testing suggests that this includes DoT)

Q: If Spirit Link is active vs an attacker that would do the 90% attack, does she (or her neighbors) get the full 90% dodge, or only 1/5th?

It depends on how you read the skill (“The higher the damage from the special is, the higher the chance to dodge it”). Is that ‘damage’ measured by attacker’s strength, or by the damage to be done to the individual target?

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No dot

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Hi guys I just got Margaret and I really don’t understand what is meaning ( Chance to Dodge):slightly_smiling_face: maybe somebody explain how her effect is going to kill the enemies??

She doesn’t kill the enemy she helps your heroes avoid taking direct damage from the enemy.

Maybe this will help and possibly could be merged @Garanwyn.
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Looks like 99.99% :wink:

Seems like a great home for this question. Thanks! :heart_decoration:

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Topic updated with answers.

Margaret’s dodge + Rogue skill work just like Inari’s dodge + rogue in terms of how they activate, and the rules of what happens when one of them activates. It’s two separate rolls.

While it is unknown which roll comes first, it is clear that if the evade talent activates, no further mana gain occurs.

Margaret and Inari’s dodges do stack! What that means is you get an two rolls for dodging. It is unknown which triggers first, but one roll is to dodge and get a :fox_face: minion if success, and the other roll is to dodge and get mana.

Furthermore, Hatter’s steal is treated by the game like a debuf, and thus, Margaret has a resistance to getting her dodge buff stolen by Hatter (but her allies will still get it stolen).


I tried to do a mini video on margaret (sorry in my native language)
I had 4 fights with her 2 in attack and 2 in defense.
I know it s not perfect but perhaps you could have some informations.


This is great help! Thanks!

This is proof that her skill does dodge any other effects aside from just damage. It helps that she’s not talented as well to be able to tell that her skill is activating too.

Raid 1:

  • Margaret dodged the entire skill from Azlar first raid: she did not get burned.

Raid 2:

  • Aeron dodged the first GM strike in the second raid (not the second one).

Raid 4:

  • Misandra on wing dodged Hel’s Crush, without the negative effect at the end.

This concludes to me that her dodge is very much like Inari’s, except that it is specific to skills that do damage.

So far the ball is out of the court on her dodging specials like Proteus’s, although it’s still hard to say whether that’s RNG too.


On a fire attack, with margaret’s green link, green heroes took less damage than purple (a little bit less).


I’m assuming that the answer to this only takes the skill’s damage into account, just based on the description, before any buffs. I could be wrong though, since it’s not like I can test it. I added your question to the OP


Thanks for adding the question to the list! I’d love to see this confirmed (either way it applies).

We can probably test it using Wilbur or even Gunnar as substitutes for the Aegir spirit link, once someone has both Margaret and any of those heroes.

Reflect (like Mitsuko’s) happens before Spirit Link is engaged. I have no idea what the order is for Margaret’s dodge, though. This would be a great question for someone to do some testing on.