Kageburado Emblem Level 19

I have my Kage ready to be emblemed to level 19 but having some difficulty picking which level 19.

On the one hand I can get an extra 2% for Mana recovery, or on the other I can get 21 defense. Right now my Mana troop is level 18. Will the extra 2% make a difference, or should I go with the extra defense? Hate to spend the 125 emblems and realize I should have went the other way. Thank you very much!

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What you’re asking is essentially this:

So yes, it would let you use a Level 5 Mana Troop with Kage, and still charge him in 6 tiles (or 3 ghosted).

But that’s not much savings vs. a Level 11 Mana Troop that would accomplish the same.


In your case, the only reason why you would want consider the mana boost talent is because you cant afford to level up another purple mana troop, and you want to play while cutting down the tile number of 2 different heroes. Like, wanting to use Clarisse (VF purple HOTM comming next month).

Also, tbh and imho those 125 emblems would much better used on 2 namahages you can take them to 7/8 each. If you dont already have a Rare red team for rank farming.

Thank you. Apparently I was being too specific when I used the search function. Searched for “Kageburado emblems level 19” and kept getting results for comparing him with someone else.

So if I am reading that chart correctly an extra 2% isn’t worth it, being it won’t even get me one less tile? And if I am reading other posts correctly I shouldn’t have wasted emblems on Kage at all and should be using my Seshat instead? Though I have a maxed Alassie that is currently using all my ranger emblems.

Thank you for the help and in the future I will make my searches more generic.

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I have 5 namahages but only one maxed and no emblems on him. What is rank farming though? Are you referring to events where you go mono? The only good mono rare team I have is ice. I have been neglecting my rare heroes and putting everything into the legendaries. I’m not f2p but I’m not p2w either. I’m somewhere in the middle so I will buy 10 and 30 pulls, but that is about it so leveling takes forever. Thank you for the help.

For Offense in particular, yes, it won’t help in most situations. Defense can be a bit more complicated, but it’s still not likely to make a difference in most situations.

In Defense, you mean? Kage used to be quite popular, but Seshat and Ursena do seem to have displaced the purple slot for a lot of teams.

But I wouldn’t say Kage is a bad choice, and having Alasie is certainly useful too.

You’re welcome! Forum Search can be hard when you don’t already know what’s out there. It helps that I’d seen that thread before. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is a problem I faced myself a while back. Both heroes are Super Stars, both can carry you on offense. Seshat mana drain resistance gets a little more hype because of Guin tanks. On defense is tought, Seshat’s passive can make her fire her ult while Kage 6 tile ult can hit enemy teams by round 2/3, making it a pseudo-counter to mana drains.

As for Kage, atm I like him more because I’m not facing 4.7k teams so my combo Kage+Joon is a sure kill on anything. And I also love the fact that the moment you can ghost 3 tiles, Kage transforms into a murder machine: he doesnt even care about 300dmg ults when you know you can setup your tiles for a back to back ult. The dispel first makes any uncomfortable position a breeze, which is the unsong hero of this guy.

Yes, I was refering to Events, when I see players doing 19+ nodes I assume they are End Level Players. So That’s why I told you that, imho using 125 emblems on Kage were a waste compared to how much more they will give you in 2 namehages for Rare Events. Because they will increase your chances for top1000 and the 4* ascension mat.

The emblems before that are not wasted, I’m sorry if the way I phrased my previous post confused you.

The way Seshat is with her passive and her minion self regeneration. You can argue that health emblems and defense emblems on her are not a priority. Sure, they boost the minion but the most important thing is the minion itself and not the possible upgrades on it. So that minion alone can be count as Health/defense nodes which makes it so that you can invest your ranger emblems on another sniper because they all have a lot less survivavility than Seshat.

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Thank you very much for your informative reply. I know how to play the game, but that’s just the nuts and bolts. It’s always nice to get some more in depth info to try to bring my game to the next level. So thank you again and thank you Zephyr1.

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