Malosi talent grid options

Malosi 3 possible talent paths + full epic troop combinations.
So… what to do here? Do we enhance his attack so that he hits harder? Or … do we enhance its defenses to be a support that blocks specials with alteration of states? opinions?

For me I’m going defence/health path as it’s the specials that are his strength not his attack so I’ll keep him alive.

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I was thinking the same thing

I feel the same. If I do fully ascend Malosi, survivability will be the key. Considering the rest of my Yellows (Inari, Joon, Li Xiu, Lady W, Wu Kong), I think the best way to play Malosi is to charge him and hold his fire until a threatening enemy is about to use its skill.

And I’ll be depending a lot on tile damage with that bunch, with Joon as the only real hitter / the only truly offensive special skill.

Here we can see a full talented Malosi… at a defending team

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