Malosi or Inari

I am in big dilema which hero to max out first. Inari or Melosi current HoTM?

I would go Malosi with all the female Telluria tanks, but I was never a fan of Inari and similar “chance of” heroes.

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With what hero you want to use inari or malosi?

I was thinking inari with freya.

I would suggest Inari. Looking on comments about here, people or didn’t play with here or don’t know what they are talking about. I use so much Inari to be considered expert on here, she was my first yellow maxed 5*.

I have NEVER EVER regret ascending here, when your roster is down and she dodges everything giving you extra attack and HP is just priceless.

She can dodge dispellers, mana reducers, defense down heroes and big special hits, she even has avoid ability if she doesn’t dodge.

Here you can see my Inari. I am not questioning Malosi he is good but single hand target stopper will not do you much If there is Seshat, GM, Vela! Telluria and Drake team, one you will stop but 4 no way.


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Leaning towards Malosi for greater speed, and predictability of his ability. You know it will always hit.

Inari does have a greater effect (hits all), but is average mana instead, and you only gert a chance to dodge.

Inari was my first Yellow 5* though, I certainly don’t regret it (she still gets used for Titans for her amazing attack, and always gets used in Raids and Wars), but she wasn’t ideal for a first Yellow.

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Thank you for good explanation. I decided for Inari because as you said…she can defend my team from multiple specials while Malosi can only stop one hero. I will also put emblems in her and make her a tank or flank. I see her teaming up with Freya (I have here close to max) as a very good combo.

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Inari is not tank Material, she is far too squishy. She is an amazing hero for rauf attacks and also for titans due to her high tile damage.

A variation on the question…inari or a SECOND malosi?

Having both maxed I feel it’s hard to go wrong with either call. I’ve used Inari a lot and do like her even as my only minion summoner. Malosi tho has also proved super useful on offense. His ability can be a great tactical edge and later in the match as you open ghost holes he fires very fast. With a ghosted 3 match malosi fires (with mana troop). Joon will need 2 such matches even at fast mana.

Yeah malosi would be good on a blitz team whereas inari isn’t as useful once there are holes in the defense.

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