4rh Ascension Prioritization

I’m just starting to get enough ascension materials to start taking some 5*s to 4th ascension.

Who should I give my Darts to first?

  • Malosi
  • Inari
  • Next 5* yellow I get

Is this your 1st 5* yellow? and what is other 5* maxxed the rest?
I think Malosi is good half sniper and good nullified effect opponent.


I really dont care for either as a first personally…

Are you runnin tc20(s)? And are you plannin any pulls? F2p or regular spender? Etc etc

I just got Roc today, and I was going to use my darts on him/her… but much to my dismay, his numbers are off. He is supposed to do 306 damage over 3 turns, but only does 222… this is really upsetting.

He does 306 when fully leveled. He will get there.


Yea Malosi was my first 5* yellow. 3/70

Inari was my second, and is currently 1/44

Running 1TC20 3 TC11.

I’m F2P, have gems for a 10-pull and some epics hero token’s, but am saving those for Christmas to chase Santa and Mother North. Am planning to pull 10 on Avalon, and hope to get someone good.

Also have Clarissa 3/70 and Fenrir 4/22 for 5* and Costume Sonya, Costume Tiburtus, and Costume Melendor at various levels of emblems, and A good selection of other 4*s who are at 4/70.

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Such a tough choice.

Guess if u really really want to pick one right now, I’d have to say malosi

If it was me, think I’d wait a bit, and if possible maybe run another tc20

Malosi is bit meh but vfast and can block an ailment for a few turns, and if ur new then his 4* mana troop break is a plus too since it’s only lvl 11…

I do like inari but moreso in the right synergies, by herself she’s not great

So neither are a great 1st choice imo but malosi has the slight edge over inari in your situation i believe…

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Yes, go for Malo.
I have both maxed and use Malo every day, while Inari only looks cute and gets dusty.


Thanks for the feedback. I was leaning Malosi if I level someone right now, but wanted some unbiased opinions.

I know the odds on a 5* out of TC20 are not good, but better overall than the portals, so I figure by the time I get an A-Grade S1 Yellow, I’ll have both Malosi and Inari at 4/80… (Not a shot at SG - just a statement of fact about the odds of getting A-Grade 5*s as a F2P player)


As soon as you use the darts on Malosi… you’ll pull consecutive joons no doubt. I don’t think you’ll regret maxing him… but you’ll definitely be hoping for more darts quickly!

Congrats : )


Another vote for Malosi

I just pulled enough to up a 5s blue. This will be my first 5s to level up to 4th tier . But not sure who to pick. I have Vela, Frida, Isarnia

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Welcome to the forum
@Nebby41 :slightly_smiling_face:

Definitely Vela first.
Perfect fast killer girl.
Frida will serve @70, too.
Isa when no other options left.

Vela will be a great asset to your defense and I actually like her attack down for titans. Frida and Grimm would round out the start of a stellar attack team I’d say.

… and welcome to the forum!

I like my Malosi, he’s at 4-66 right now, but already proved himself very useful with high emblemed Telluria based defences. My green-yellow team has much better success rate against Telly-Vella then any other combo, to large part because Malosi can block HoT and mana slow down. If there are any of my tiles on the board left, Telly usually goes down. :slight_smile:

I’ve been enjoying my Malosi as well - he’s been a great replacement for Chao on my main team (has been 4*s up until recently) and his utility is great for wrecking any heroes who apply a status. Especially love hitting Proteus and JF with his punch just before they’re specials go off. Telly too, but I’ll be honest - I actively avoid her in raids, as she’s very hard to break for me.

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definitely Vela, you wont regret it

Thank you for your input

Okay, I don’t know if this makes things easier or harder. I just summoned Vivica.

Save for her now? I understand she’s one of the best 5* healers. It will be a while to get her to 3/70, but I can be patient.

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