Thoughts on 2nd Malosi

Currently i have 1 malosi at 3.70.8 waiting on 1 dart just pulled a 2nd is it worth leveling him to 3.70 as well.

I think it depends on what other Holy heroes you have on your roster. Two Malosi in your roster could prove useful in war against purple tanks. Two malosi could also be useful in wars against alliances that run a lot of Telluria tanks.


I think it is worth considering. Just remember that to be effective you’ll need to have 2 holy mana troops at lvl 11. I was thinking of what an offensive team with 2 G. Jackals and 2 Malosi’s with four lvl 11 mana troops would be able to do after 6 tiles…

Not much really. Malosi hit after jackal won’t kill an enemy. So, most it can do is may be take out 2 enemies if the 6 tiles went into those 2. And then, if the board is not helpful, Jackals can be one shotted easily.

Yep, the more Malosis, the better.

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I wouldnt bother leveling the 2nd one until you’re closer to another set of darts

Use the resources elsewhere until then

Fwiw I’m maxin a 2nd malosi myself

Gives me 4 teams with a vf 5* that helps vs telluria


Yellow roster as of now maxed deliliah +7 drake +7 at 3.70.8 joon, viv, inari, mal, and ranvir also 1 mana troop at lvl17 and another now at lvl 7 and coming up.

You don’t need to give the second one darts. He will do his job even at 3-70.

Up to you. What do i know…

I like Malosi a lot, use him with Grazul to keep my team clean against Telluria. I would only max a second one for a different war team. I think having two on one team would leave you a little lacking on firepower. If my alliance starts running into Tell tanks in wars, I’ll max a second, but for now he will sit.

Hi rigs, I pulled two malosi and two alfrike, with gwen in the middle alfrike on flanks and malosi on corners for ■■■■■ and giggles.

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i have one malosi maxed 4/80, one at 3/70 and one not yet levelled.

Thoughts are more on offence, running Vivica, Malosi X 3 and Jackal or Neith.

3 Malosi should stop the unholy trio of JF/Vera/Telly?

Should i bring my 3rd Malosi up to 3/70?

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