Malosi or BaiYeong

Hi All,

I am having the the darts finally, and I would like to hear your opinion.
I dont know if i should ascend Malosi or BaiYeong - i want to use them for attack…
I have Joon+11
Jackal maxed
Malosi 3/70
BaiYeong 3/70
Vivica 3/70
LiXiu C max
and just got Leonidas

So what do you think which is better Malosi or Bai?
I will try them out now, and see how they work.
I am thinking about Malosi, but please share your toughts!


Malosi is awesome, Bai is similar but more difficult two use due two 2 turns limit

Malosi all the way. They both deal very similar damage but Malosi’s very fast speed and ability to shut down status effect heroes make him great at offensive raiding, especially in the current climate of heroes. Bai isn’t a terrible hero, but his special IMO is more situational, only runs for two turns so is harder to time and his blind is chance based so you still risk being hit.

I also value the 10% crit increase from Malosi’s elemental link for offensive raiding more than I value Bai’s defense against special skills.


I would do Malosi first because of his speed and effectiveness on offense. Malosi is really fun to use when you need to shut certain heroes down, like Telly or JF. He also helps when you go up against an enemy that can reflect yellow; hit them before the fire and it blocks the reflect (helped keep me alive during Season 2 Hard Mode).

Bai is more situational. He’s not real useful as a sniper, but if you can time him right he’s awesome against heroes like Vela and GM, it’s a pretty good feeling when you’re able to hit them right before they fire their special and it misses completely.

But, not knowing you’re overall situation or lineup, it’s hard to say. Vivica might be better for you if you don’t have a lot of healers.

Malosi, no brainer.
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Thanks guys!

I also think Malosi first (but I will wait a bit)

Luckily i have quite nice healsers i think:
Kiril CB+18
Melendor C+19
Lady of the Lake +14
Boldtusk CB
Grazul 3/70
Aeron 3/70
Vivica 3/70

So i think Vivica can wait…

I only have Malosi and not Bai Yeong, but definitely Malosi. Really useful ability.

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Because almost all pick Malosi, I’m gonna try to balance this by voting for Bai.

Against big AOE hitter like Finley, Killhare, ursena, or Alfrike, with perfect timing, Bai can effectively prevent 75% of their damage. Bai is designed to reduce the effectiveness of AoE heroes. In this current META, you can find plenty of them including the famously Telly, JF/GM, and Vela. Malosi is a great very fast attacker, but he cannot prevent the enemy to hit back.

You do have joon. But since his blind can only affect 1 enemy, having Bai as your 2nd blind caster can help you in many situation :grin:

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