Malosi or Vivica

Hello! I need your help. Which hero deserves darts more and why. Malosi or Vivica? It’s for my holy mono team. I have talents for Malosi, but not for her. No costume either. Rest of the crew is Poseidon, Chao and Jackal. Thanks!

  • Malosi
  • Vivica
  • Wait for better holy 5*

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I chose Malosi despite some discrepancies of your statements and place emblems on him. Go get Gullinbursti for healing purposes since Lady Woolerton would appear in just a few days next year.


Malosi is an awesome hero, disregard the inital discussions whemn he was released.

I would consider vivica only if you have no good healer.

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Precisely. Malosi all the way. Unless you have no other 5* healer. You’ll need that sooner than later.

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Nah. I survived a long time with no full 5* healer, just with emblemed Rigard, BT, and Kiril. I’d go Malosi first if you have good emblemed four star healers in the stable already

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