Malicna vs. Frosth (Planning Springvale summons)

Since Springvale is planned to start this month, we have the luxury of picking between 2 different monthlies as we’re summoning. I personally plan on drawing for Frosth because I already have awesome dark 5* heroes and I’m still in desperate need for a blue.

I’m really asking this question because I will also be advising for the rest of my alliance. Overall, who do you think is better? I think Malicna’s more powerful, but sometimes I seriously misjudge new heroes (like I did with Vela, Telluria, & Frigg).

Frosth’s last (and supposably final) version in beta: 🧪 Early information on the April 2021 HOTM Frosth

I am in a similar position as you are, purple is my strongest color blue is meh. Currently I got 20 scopes to 12 Tabards so a lot of reasons to hunt for a blue hotm.

I like frosth better overall; fast mana and goes well with other minion heroes I have. So I guess I would go frosth. Both heroes have great elemental links either way you choose.

I have a suspicion most people in this forum would say skip them both if you could and focus on May’s HOTM, she could be the best one in a long time

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I think Springvale’s only going to last a couple weeks. I wish it would stretch into May, though. I also really hope May’s monthly gets re-buffed, 'cause right now it’s looking like good monthlies are all but a thing of the past. Monthlies worth chasing might only come once or twice a year at this rate.

I personally think Frosth is garbage compared to other 5*. Malicna doesn’t look bad to me. Frosth does. Even in ideal circumstances with other summoners, he still looks weak to me. The issue with Malicna, though, is I find rolling dice unpleasant.

Personally i’ll choose Malicna because i don’t have good minion summoners like bera or puss. Somehow i think Frost is just a better noor, and that is not good in any way :sweat_smile:

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I would be surprised if Sringvale would last anything but 2 weeks, so definitely not extending to May. Though I agree, May’s HotM is much better (so far).

Frosth doesn’t look that bad to me. Yeah minions are not that strong, but for those who don’t have summoners other than Noor, he’ll do the job. Also, that mana bonus of his will be useful. Also his Innate Abilities are nice (guess what, GM?). He’ll be food for Skadi though. Malicna is okay, not gamebreaking but okay.

Personally, I have Malicna so I’ll wait until April with my pulls.

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