Help me decide who gets the mats

I’m now F2P, but the RNG was good to me the last two months. My levelling projects in blue and purple are as follows:
Blue: I pulled Frosth, and he just hit 3/70 two days ago. In the meantime, I am working on Zila Lei, but she is very low yet.
Purple: I got Killhare, she is now 3/51 and rising. I was excited to get her, so I stopped advancing the Malicna I was lucky enough to get, who is at 4/24. I also have Sabina, at 3/fiftysomething.

I have only one D.blade, and no tome… which will shortly be remedied in Farholme. So once I get that tome, it’s decision time. And I know that once I get it, whoever’s not thr recipient goes nowhere for a long time.

Frosth or Killhare? Help!

Killhare, not a close call

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The purple bunny. It is not even a competition.

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Killhare is deadly on her own. Frosth needs fellow minion makers to play with.

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IMO, I would finish Malicna 1st, as you already give her tabard on her… 4.24 to 4.80.
Then finish Sabina ascend if there are no rigard or other healer maxed, then continue Killhare.


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