Looking for sage advise, next set of 5*

Pretty torn specially on purple, help me decide?

Malicna or Dr Moreau?
I have maxed C.Sartana, C.Rigard20, Victor, ursena, Clarissa and c.tibs

Fenrir or froth?
I have maxed Frida, Grimm20, Raffaele, Vela and Magni

Uraeus or Joon
Maxed C.vivica, jakal20, Malosi, neith, Ranvir and Mist20

Marjana or Kestrel (or noor Cause of froth?)
Maxed Zim, BT20, JF, lady Loki, mitsuko, falcon and wilbur

Bertíla or Post buff Horghall (with costume)
Have Lianna, Evelyn, Margaret, buddy and Tellers


Fenrir (if u have minions team then definitely frosth)
Horghal (with costume)

I just dont put suggestions based on cards i use them then only i make any statement so go with this list…

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Malicna hits hard, 2 times out of 3 she fires a rubbish special, but her element link is great (especially if you play mono)
Dr Moreau hits harder, has a special which is always useful.
I’d pick Moreau

Fenrir is a joke tbh. He does not hit hard at all, and in most cases is never ready whne you need him too. Also his mana gain special is rubbish. I would never recommend to ascend him and regret a lot that I did. The worse S3 hero by far to me.
Frosth is really great but you don’t have minion heroes, so I would recommend to hold on this one.

If you don’t have joon’s costume, it’s a no brainer, uraeus will hit harder and is very useful in this minion meta.

Kestrel hits super hard against ninjas so if you face him a lot he can be great. Marjana without costume may be a little underwhelming damage wise. As for Noor, she’s not as bad as some say and useful in a minion meta but she’s not enough to make a minion team with frosth.

You may want to hold to see how Horgall performs, but with costume and buff he may be interesting.

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Purple: you already have cTibs, and unless you enjoy having a 5* Danzaburo, definitely Dr Moreau.

Blue: If those are the only two choices then Fenrir since you don’t have any minion heroes in your blue team. He’s a bit underwhelming though if you’re using him like a sniper, but he does pair well with the heroes in your blue stack when combo’d with defense down + elemental defense down.

Yellow: if you don’t have a lv 23 mana troop then definitely Joon. Hits very hard and blind is always useful. Fast is fast and will always have a leg up over average speed. If you do have a lv 23 troop, then it comes down to whether you value slightly higher damage output and more secondary effects at average speed, or just pure damage+blind at fast speed. Note that if you do pull Joon’s costume some day it definitely tips the scale in favor Joon.

Red: Marjana hands down. As it is your red stack lacks any real snipers and hence killing power. Marjana is one of only two true red snipers (the other being Gefjon) so I’d argue she is a staple in any red stack. Kestrel is alright, but somewhat situational as you need the enemies to be almost ready to fire to inflict maximum damage, which isn’t always something you have control over.

Green: Eh your green stack is good enough as it is, I’d just hold onto those tonics for now in case you land something better. Neither of them are particularly inspiring outside of rush.

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You might add costumed Khagan in there. He hits much harder than any of the two aforementioned heroes (I think).

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