Malicna or Quintus?

People are saying Malicna isnt that good but is she better than Quintus? Who should I level up first?

Adding that I have other dark 5* heros but these two I consider as my bottom two and I want to start building up one of the two for wars

Both, Malicna first. Then you can charge your Quintus faster.


Malicna! I have people in my alliance (top 100) and other alliance friends who don’t think she is as bad as others are making her out to be. I have her and will probably work and ascend her at some point.

Quietus is slow and most usable during Very Fast wars/events. Plus you really need his costume before I’d level slow S1 heroes.

Unless you do a lot of pulls then maybe wait for something better, but if you are f2p you should work with what you got.


But after Malicna Quintus can be charged from 9 tiles +4 turns. So, they are synergize together.

Unless you have a bunch of sorcerer emblems without use go Malicna. She’s just solidly average.

I think Malicna is good I have her and her element link is great.
She just need to stay till first fire and her mana decrease so fast and other dark mana decreases as well.
It is like 2.5 tile without any mana troop or booster and it is too much. I have her and work on her too but my last suggestion is if u work on here u need to work on another dark hero especially Alfrike if u have her because her power is for element link.
Another think is normally she can fire twice and the odds of that huge skill (first one) is near than 66 % .
I lost many good things bacause of work on players comment here. Many even do not have hero I saw many even did not know Malosi block costume healer or when is time of mindless attack and they destroy Malosi and Zocc.
So if u need her work on her because each hero balance with app and all hero dont have huge differences.

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