Quintus costume

Hello everyone,

First, I’m trying to not use too much money in the game, VIP is my only expense, and I hope I will be able to stop it soon. I want to be F2P soon.

I would like some advice here. I have currently only 3 heroes 5* : Magni with costume, Rana and Quintus with costume.

I have maxed Rana emblem 1 (not sure it’s interesting to use more emblems for her). And I planned to full Max and emblems Magni ASAP.

I just pulled Quintus. As I don’t put so much money in the game, I am not sure I will pull nay other 5* purple soon.

So do you think Quintus is worth to max? And, if it’s the case, is it good to emblem him? In attack to deal tons of damage or defense to be sure to fire?

Thank you for your advices.

You reminded me of myself when I started playing. Also my first 5* dark was quintus. And naturally I started upgrading him, in the mean time I have pulled kageburado and Santana so I went with last 2. But in this game you play with what you have not with what you might have. Bottom line my quintus did not make it even past 3/60.

In my honest opinion, if your aim is to be F2P, then build up your TC20 x 2 ASAP and wait patiently for those S1 five star heroes to arrive. And they will all eventually come.
And Yes for F2P it’s worth maxing the costume for Quintus. He works fine in a purple stack and when he goes off he punches hard
Good luck


I have my first TC20 since 2 months now, yes only 1 - 4* pulled haha, I will upgrade a second one !

So I will max him, do you have advices for talent grid? I didn’t find any topics for Quintus about it…

To be honest, I went the shield route mainly because Quintus is slow and I wanted to keep him alive long enough to fire off his special at least once

I have my C Quintus at 19 emblems and he looks like this following an all attack path:
A 903
D 753
H 1552

With these stats he survives as long as pretty much anyone else and his special is super strong. However, I wouldn’t advise using him on his own as then despite his high attack the special wont be devastating. I run him with C Rigrad, C Tibs and Grimble and the combination there is formidable - usually 0-2 heroes are left standing after that volley. If Grimble fires after Telly then Quintus charges up full and he can attack at the same time as the rest. Proteus is there to sweep up any left overs.

Bottom line he is just ok by himself, but can be very good with the right stack. Or in a defense flank position the extra 20% damage makes him quite formidable.


With costume, he definitely is. Gets a whooping 804 attack stat before troops and emblems, comes with a heavy damage skill, better class in Monk, and a pretty useful debuff.

This is mostly a playstyle and what other sorcerers you have question.

Even though he’s a sorcerer, I think he’s better as a Monk with his costume. I would take this Monk path personally:

right, left, left, left, right, right, right

This path gives him all the possible defense boosts he can get, while only missing out on one +15 attack node (bolded above – it’s worth skipping it to get xDef instead of xHP).

But it will depend on what other sorcerers you have in 5* rarity too. If you somehow manage to pull someone like say Mitsuko or Ursena, then obviously those are better heroes who would take priority over him for emblems.


I have Mitsuko (+10) and I was saving sorccerer emblems (410) for Lady Locke (I only need one tome for leveling her).
But I have got Quintus’ custome (I have him maxed without emblems)

I use Mitsuko in the new Tellys era in my attack team and right now I am using her as flank of Telly in my deffense team.

I use Quintus in my mono purple team (Tiburtus, Víctor, Clarissa, Rigard, Proteus) and he is always in my purple titan team.

My doubt is if I must use the emblems on Quintus or wait to use them on Lady Locke.


sorc 5*s are kinda hard to get, so you will have only quintus for some time

i would go with his costume and use him in all raidT vfast and some bloody ones

i would go for atk on sorc and def on monk; sorc atk for titan tile damage; monk def for raidT for his atk debuff

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I think that Quintus, the easy whipping-boy of E&P is improved by his costume.

Before it was “uhh… that’s it? just damage… umm… kay.”

But this time, at least it gives the -ATTK. So he’s at least as good as Horghall-C. Doesn’t say much, but at least he’s not dead last any more.

Thank you very much for this detailed answer ! :slight_smile:

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@Fingol I would wait to use emblems on Lady Locke.

Even with mana costume bonus, Quintus will always charge up last in your mono purple team.

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Unless Tel → Grimble → Quintus. Which happens about every 2nd or 3rd matchup where I send my purples against Tel

Hi everyone.
Just to be sure. Quintus + Costume (+5%) + Emblems #20 (+4%) + Mana troopslvl 24 (+13%) give the power after just 10 tiles is that right ?

And with a mana troops lvl 29 (+15%) it goes with 9 tiles ?

Quintus is slow, so to fill him with 10 tiles you need +20% mana. With costume bonus and class bonus that means you need extra +11% mana speed, for which lvl 17 mana troop or higher is enough. Reaching 9 tiles would require +34% mana, which isn’t even close to achievable without something like a mana buff from Ariel.