Malicna or Myztero which one do I pick, probably neither

Hello everyone, just passed the 4 month mark, so still quite new and needing some advice.
I pulled Malicna and Myztero both 5 ☆ dark hero’s recently (not sure if this was good or bad luck) and they are the only 5 ☆ dark hero’s I have.
Their reviews don’t sound promising so the question I have is if I fully ascend one which one should I pick or should I wait for a better dark hero and don’t waste the mats on them considering I’m C2P??
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

If anything, at least take them to3*70, to make them somewhat usable

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I’m not sure, but if you’ve been playing for 4 months, I think you won’t have enough materials/ resources to ascend a 5*. If you had them, I’d agree with levelling them to 3.70 and see if they fit in your team or not.
However, work first in the 3 and 4* heroes if you don’t have enough of them.



That said-- If you HAVE to choose one… I’d choose Malicna by a narrow margin. Myztero is designed poorly.

I tried both in beta, and Myztero with +20 talents was still awful in practice.
Malicna at least survived most of the time in my battles.


I agree, priority 3 * heroes for and even be able to complete monthly events in the rare, where you will earn materials for your 4 * heroes. Then heroes 4 * to be able to complete the event in the epic category. And only when you have 30 heroes to be able to make the six attacks in the war … then you should already have some materials to think about 5 * heroes.
4 months of play is baby … enjoy and enjoy your heroes 3 * and 4 * before thinking about heroes 5 *. My council, do not be fooled by some comments, all heroes have their role in the game. Go at your own pace, read all the aids and comments and analyze without prey. Everything in this game is based on the basis of patience.
Sorry if the English is bad. I hope I’m not badly awkward.


Doesn’t hurt to wait…


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I can see Myztero being usefull at the game start since map bosses can deffo deal a lot of status ailments, specially in s2.

Besides, if you are a rookie, it´s better to work on your 4* and 3*s, specially healers like Rigard, Hawkmoon, Belith and Melendor.

Says every ESL speaker who does it better than the natives, :grinning:


Thanks everyone for your advice, I am a little inpatient I know, I have built up 3 x 3* team’s and 3 x 4* team’s … now looking at 5* , just didn’t like the stats on either hero mentioned.

Since 4* mats are extremely rare, it’s perfectly fine to wait until the “perfect” (or “most satisfactory to you”) 5* comes along before maxing them. If I just started levelling every 5* that came my way (TC20 or pulls) I’d be starting at a bench of Elena/Khagan/Azlar/Quintus/Justice and wishing I hadn’t wasted the mats. :laughing:

Malicna looks like a non starter imo.

Neither…even season one Sartana is better - can get for free in tc20

I’ve been lucky so far, I picked up Joon, Frida, Bertila, Magni, Marjana, Khagan, Heimdal, Uraeus and now Malicna & Myztero.
So I can’t complain. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And just received Elena.

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Neither. You WILL get better heroes in purple and you will be so glad you can ascend them right away.

Plus, you really need to develop 3* and 4* roster depth first or you’ll stunt your growth in the long run


I agree w @Mr.Spock

From your quote below… it seems like you will enjoy the game more if at this point @Jaguar18169 you focus on growing a roster of four star heroes and have fun with their various synergies.

“Thanks everyone for your advice, I am a little inpatient I know, I have built up 3 x 3* team’s and 3 x 4* team’s … now looking at 5* ,”

On a side note: I wish SGG would release more four stars, so we can enjoy that stage of our gameplay more vs. flooding us with five star heroes to chase.

Truly, apart from diamond level defence where legendary stats make a big difference in survivability, there’s nothing in the game that a balanced team of 4* can’t handle. Even then some 4* if heavily emblemed (Rigard +20 for example) are better than some 5* for the purpose (Myztero is not useful for defence because his skill really needs a brain behind it, whereas the AI fires him as soon as he’s charged). In attack it’s more about the appropriate skills and synergy than raw stats. That’s why my best raid and war teams are usually a mixture.

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Is malicna so bad?

Her mana gain sounds useful…

It could be useful. I don’t really like heroes that just have a minority chance to do something great. I prefer heroes where I fire the special and it does about exactly what I expect.


The only trouble is that most of the heros who always do something great are hidden behind huge paywall, or granted to extremely lucky ones. For players with cheaper tickets, enjoy your Malicna! At least there’s a chance for her to do something great. :wink:

It’s true. It’s always about weighing your own personal options. :vulcan_salute:t2:

My main point is this player should build up 3* and 4* depth first so it’s wise to save tabards for now.


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