Advice on Next 5* Dark Hero

I have several options, so I’d appreciate advice on which hero makes the most sense for leveling. Thanks in advance!

Already leveled 5* dark heroes:

My options:
–Freya (2)
–C. Sartana
–Ursena (2)

I’m leaning towards Sartana because I don’t have a dark sniper, but I can see where Malicna’s elemental link would be great with Alfrike and Mok-Arr is very nice damage in a dark stack.


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You’ve answered your own question.

EDIT: Malicna has no spirit link. What she has is Element Link, which is a different skill inherent to HOTMs 2nd Gen and onwards.


One more vote for sartana…i have her and she is always last hero standing…look her stats😳

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Sartana hands-down

20 ca

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Ursena would be awesome on your defense team.

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C Sartana no doubt :hugs:

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Already has it…

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Sorry, yes, ELEMENTAL link.

Thanks for the input.

We’ll, yeah. Sartana and her costume would be your best hero to ascend among your choices. Malicna would be great if you have Panther (luckily, I have both though I am still slow leveling Malicna) because they hit 3 and that combo would be lovely with Tiburtus in it.

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Thanks to everyone for your advice. Sartana seemed the obvious choice and I’m glad/appreciative to have confirmation for that.

As a side question, who would you replace with Sartana in my purple stack of Freya, C.Rigard, Ursena, Clarissa, and Alfrike (if you would replace anyone)? While the team lacks a sniper, it has such unreal durability, it almost doesn’t matter. Clarissa and Freya, who are the most likely choices to replace, are huge parts of that due to their very fast elemental link (defense against special attacks) and bulky minions, respectively. I’ve contemplated trying it with just Freya’s pets as a pseudo heal and dropping Rigard, but I think I’d miss his cleanse as much or more than the heal.

Any thoughts on that?

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