Malicna or Quintus costume

Does anyone know who would be better to ascend next?

I already have Seshat, Sartana and Domitia maxed.

Malicna there is no contest at all


For very fast tournaments and very fast wars, winner is quintus. If you lack any big dmg dealers, he can be a flank to yellow tank.

Otherwise Malicna


What @Cerevan_the_Omni said ^^^
I have costume Quintus and only really use him in fast war and tournaments
I have also got Malicna and when I get around to levelling her she will be used when there is a need

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I would go with c-Quintus. I am someone who has Malicna and regular Quintus. To me Malicna’s best ability is her mana boost, but you already have fast hitters. You need someone who can hit more than one hero IMO. His tile damage is great too.



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