Myztero's dilemma

My friends,
has any of you leveled up max Myztero? (please give proof). I am in a dilemma between him and Quintus. No other option at hand. It would be most kind of you if you give your preference.
Thank you in advance.

Looking forward to


He’s one of the rarest heroes in the game to summon at 0.1% chance, so I doubt you’re going to get many replies.


I only used him in beta, and I thought he was ok then specially against DoT heavy teams. Now that Vela isn’t as common, idk how much more use he would get from me. I used him with Rigard which helped cleanse ailments after he had absorbed them.

Closest hero I have to compare him to is Lady Loki, except Lady Loki cleanses ailments too not just shoots them back like Myztero.


As 4 star ascension materials are the most rare, I would suggest leveling both to 3-70 and playing with them to decide which better fits your play style and the rest of your lineup. I have both heroes, not maxed. In the absence of other information about team/play style and if you forced me to pick one of the two I would pick Quintus. Though I would strongly suggest holding tabards for a different 5* dark or testing these two at 3-70 before deciding.

Some of this is nicely discussed in a non-hero specific way here:


He’s so rare you won’t get much advice from here, but go to youtube and search for Dator’s channel (just his name). uclapack does a demo video with him I watched over the weekend.

Best case scenario, use him with a cleanser. Let him get hit to memorize the ailment, then cleanse to get rid of it and use him when he’s charged.

Check it out. He’s more a niche hero

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My friend has him and I’ve got a chance to play with him couple of times. It was green-purple combo, with two healers: c.Rigard and Brynhild next to him. I think he’s really interesting hero to play with. It’s definitely a different play style with him in the team, because you want him to get hit couple of times before firing his special (hence, two healers). But it’s spectacular when you throw back all those nasty status ailments, while defences very rarely have cleansers. Sometimes he would catch ailments from Natalya and Lady Locke, and that was a certain win. Bottom line, he’s not easy to play with, but when you find the right team, he can be a devastating force. Practically, a one-man-army.


So rare

There, I fixed it for you.


A very good friend of mine says the absorption is so finicky even in a perfect use situation since it depends heavily on the defense team which is run by the computer.

This is a common problem with reactionary specials ( looking at you Gobbler and Grimble ).


He’s definitely meant for an offense team. On defense, keep the heroes direct so the AI doesn’t have to think too much, cause it won’t.

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Thank you my friends for your suggestions.
As I can see it from your responses, to get a valid answer, I have to max and test him by myself. After all he will add some spice to my game and more, due to his rarity. As for Quintus I did not read much favorable comments about him . So I have to choose between obscurity and criticism.

Using the Search Option of this forum would get you informed. Please check this:

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  6. Myztero’s perfect partner and a brand new feature.

There are various posts still that talks about Myztero hidden in various threads. All you need is search.


Thank you for your effort to point these threads . I have done my homework before I post here. Most of them are sheer speculation except from two videos that show him in action. I wanted to get valid opinion of friends who have maxed him and fought with. They said I will not. As always the path of a champion is difficult :grin:

The answer is… wait for your next five star purple and choose then.


Update: just got from the training camp Obakan.
I reckon my situation has not improved significantly. So as for now there is a trilemma between Myztero’s obscurity or Qiuntus’s criticism or Obakan’s mediocracy.

I have him at maxed +17, i love him but he is a niche hero that has to be paired with a cleanser/ status ailment blocker to truly shine. I can’t upload the video i took of him. But you will want a lvl 11 mana troop with him to charge special with 6 tiles. I love him sooo much got him on my birthday. He takes time to shine but i reccomend him 100% unless you have an A+ purple like Seshat, Kage, or Kuchen or need a sniper.


As I have said in some threads, Myztero is a good hero that needs no buff whatsoever that I will max him if he ever lands on your lap. But I really think he is only ideal as a luxury hero for those who have a deep bench already. Making him among your first 5 maxed legendary purples will only aggravate your playing experience.

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Thank you both for your suggestions.
At last a valid opinion with proof.
And yes, he’s a luxury hero.

Determination is in proccess…
When done you will be all informed (if anyone gives a dime for it). :grinning:

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I have him at 5*, but haven’t given him emblems. I use him sometimes in wars along with c. Rigard, which can work nicely against Dot heroes, but I’d save the tabards for a while and see if a sniper or someone more versatile comes along.

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so rare…

yet so poorly designed for an ultra rare hero


I only leveled him because I wasn’t getting any dark heroes for so long …

It was a waste of ascension mats.


Thank you for your valid opinion.
This post seems to be decisive.

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I don’t think you would regret waiting just a little longer for one more option… so you can make a choice from 3 heroes not 2.

For example… I pulled Ursena shortly after I ascended Myztero (of course! :drooling_face:) … and I have to wait for tabbards. LOL

I have Myztero maxed right after he first came out. It took me a whike to build a good team around him and ended up with Grazul. Even if new buffs get blocked by Gruzul, Myztero still memorizes them.
Once you can throw back 2-3 buffs (for example GM, Vela and Drake) it´s just game over. But that´s actually really hard to do bc they won´t fire all at the same time or even hit him (tank position).
So to me he is more like a fun hero. I recommend to level basics like Seshat, Kage, Sartana, Domitia-C etc. before Myztero

Edit: he is not a defense hero


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