Best hero to ascend

Which hero is best to ascend. Zilch, Clarissa or Malians?

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Clarissa is the only hero I know from those names. Do you mean Malicna and Zulag maybe?

Anyway, clarissa is worth the mats in most cases.

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In my honest opinion, from those three 5* heroes I would focus on Clarissa first. I have her at +19 and she is great in both offence and defence.
After that Malicna next and then Zulag.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

You’ll get very generic feedback based on your post. Here’s a thread with how you can help us provide more informed help.


Thanks. Sorry about the typing

Agreed. Clarissa > Malicna > Zulag, in my opinion.

But then again, it is hard to give accurate advice on hero ascension without knowing your roster. We are only talking about general trend but your specific situation might be different.

You wouldn’t believe how many times that I’ve gotten zilch in my pulls! All joking aside, I would go with Clarissa.


With new formation, Zulag is a pretty good tank if you don’t have already a purple tank. Otherwise, I will go Malicna. Calrissa is useless for me because II don’t have paladin emblem for her. She stays at 4-80 and not very useful for my purple mono team.

Just FYI, my purple mono team is C-rigard, Freya, Bera, Panther, Seshat

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