Malicna or Clarissa?

They are both purple HOTM. Which one will u max?
I will use them in offense raid.
I also have enough emblems for both.

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I only have Clarissa leveled (only pulled Malicna 5 minutes ago), but i would say for general use Clarissa is the better option. No random stuff, always does the damage and with a decent amount of emblems she does really well.


I just pulled Malicna so haven’t maxed her yet, but I have Clarissa at 18 nodes, so I’d say max Clarissa first. She’s very fast and easy to get to 6 tiles with a mana troop. The element link and her paladin class makes her very durable. The extra damage vs Holy is great too.

Do you raid mono or some other combination?


It depends on how you are playing and whats your others purple,

Malicna is great for mono purple specially with slow/v.slow heroes by herself she is ok

Clarissa is good as she is so you don’t have to surround her with other purples like Malicna


Clarissa with a +lvl 11 mana troop.


Clarissa is also excellent for mono, her element link is almost always on (element links should really scale duration with mana speed but don’t), and it is great

I really like my Clarissa


Clarissa is ‘almost’ a Gravemaker; a bit less damage but much more sturdy. Generally great hero, not seen so often because of those Killhares, Jabberwocks, Freyas etc being better option on defenses.

But offensively she is amazing, and when formations come back she’ll be even better. Solid, reliable, sturdy, chargin with as little as 2 matches if you put a proper troop on her.

Meanwhile, Malicna won’t fire until mid-match when a lot of matches will be already pretty much decided. When they are not decided, 2 out of 3 times all she is going to do is just damage, as the weak debuffs have very little impact. The strong debuff may help… but is not reliable. Knowing how this game works, the time where you need the most she will disappoint 100% of time.

If you enjoy thrill of gambling at the cost of low efficience, go with Malicna. Else, Clarissa no doubt. Or if you are not completely sold on Clarissa, save your Tabards as one of the best purples may appear in your roster as there will be some chances for that in the near future.


I have to agree here, Clarissa is more useful I think, very good damage, she’s paladin and very fast mana, so you can use for attack but fits well on defense also, Malicna is good since you fires the 1st alternative, I have her too, it’s very annoying this 33.3% of chance to fire the 1st alternative, because in the battles, especially against titans, you’ll not cast her more than 3 times most of times


Which path did u put emblem on her?
@Suicide_Bunny @Mr.Sabaton @Radar1 @Rafa_Correia03 @Infinite

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Here is mine, emblemed for attack:


I also prioritized attack, then defense. Basically same card as Mr.Sabaton.

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Clarissa first, for sure.
Shes been popping up in alliance wars as a war tank and shes tougher than she seems.
Malicna I do feel is criminally underrated, however. She does good damage and none of the effects are negative (two just aren’t as good).
Biggest difference, as already stated, is that Clarissa is MUCH better on Raid and War defenses than Malicna.

Side note: I remember when Clarissa came out she was panned bc of a slight nerf to her pre-release. Turns out it was a savvy move bc shes a very good hero that is well balanced as is.


Well, it was not a minor nerf, in beta she was a full AoE not a hit 3, but obviously she would have been so broken op that they changed it into a hit 3.

I also gave more attack for her, mine it’s like this

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Mine is a bit of everything :sweat_smile:
I was using her as a defensive tank for a time

A well-balanced hero indeed


My Paladin emblems are with Heimdall 20, Sonya 18, Falcon 19 and Frida 7

I’ve only got her up to 12 at the moment, but she is on the way up. I’ve largely gone durability


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Clarissa is a better hero overall. So my vote goes to Clarissa.

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Clarissa, hands down. Malicna sucks eggs.

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That’s absolutely not true. You don’t like the hero and that’s cool but she’s quite decent.

Been play testing her in my purple stack at just 3-70 and the damage is decent enough (though since she’s 3-70 not strong enough for big kills) but where she shines is when Freya or Bera are in the opposition. Everytime if you fire Malicna before you kill one the mana boost from the elemental link boosts all the mana back to full again.

She has a random element that won’t matter a lot but her elemental link is excellent.


I agree with everything you say - she is working really well in my Grimble team, especially as I line him up against Bera and Freya and she counteracts the mana cut they do when they die. I have also had it recharge my C Sabina in time to negate a Krampus and a Tyr and heal the team and that directly led to a win

I would say that her random element does have an impact though:

  • If enemy has a 48% attack up, she will reduce attack by -64%. If there is no attack up and she reduces by -16% - that is quite often the difference between a strong sniper killing you and leaving you alive
  • Similar story for defense down. I run Tiburkiss and at worse this makes his hit a bit stronger before he overwrites it. Or in the case of Freya - it makes Tiburkis hit much harder
  • The mega special comes close to guaranteeing a win when used early, and can be a life saver when used later. A few times now I have had it turn up when targetting Frigg, which either left her special tickling me or else weakened her so much that I could take her out with tiles before she used her special. In both scenarios it saved an almost sure loss and turned it into a win.

Finally I only have a few emblems on her but she hits very decently especially when combined with buffers and debuffers. You are getting 350+ to 600+ (depending on buffs/debuffs) damage on 3 which plays a significant part in winning especially when combined with my other multi hitters in Tiburkiss and Grimble


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