Guinevere + Boss Wolf + Guinevere = meat shield

Not sure having Boss Wolf and 2x Guinevere is good synergy.

Watch vids.


Always wondered how this sort of thing would work, I’ve got two Ares that I’ve contemplated using as flanks.

Also - catchy tune!

Hard-fought win, well done! I would have made a few different tile choices, but in the end you got a few lucky drops. Fortune favors the prepared.

I thought the best defensive team would have a combination heroes, but most of us average player ( 99 %) wouldn’t have Guinevere. Just want to show that doubling up on Guinevere doesn’t make your team twice as strong. LOL

I think this team is sorely lacking offensive heroes. The only true attacking hero is Zeline. What’s good about Guin is she delays the enemy’s attack through mana drain and healing to give your heroes a chance to charge up their specials to wipe out the enemy. Guin BW Guin Alby has 4 support heroes with no damaging specials lol

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