Mai's Guide to Efficient Farming – List of best lvls to farm monster, different resources, wanted missions and XP



Adding quests to the mix:

Any 3 energy quest has a 12-18 chance of monsters, so they are all better for farming monsters. 8-7 is 11-17.

Quests “Gather Food”, “Mine Iron” and “Gain Experience” are full red monsters, and since they are highly profitable you should definitely use them for farming red monsters. Each level has a 12-18 or 18-23 chance of red monsters.

If you wanna focus on finishing up the wanted mission first and then do quests, do only the quest levels that cost 3-8.


Hey guys,

Still pretty new to the game, been playing about a week and have the team below (I only really have those guys, didn’t think to raise lots of different characters but will try and rectify that from now on). I am finding world 12 quite hard, I guess as my Purple guy isn’t great and there are so many yellow enemies. Looking at the guide above, I guess 11-1 is the best level for me to farm, get XP etc and trey and level up my guys? Or is there a different route I should take? Thanks!



Actually, you should focus if that’s a hero you want to keep, specially the 3* and beyond. Make sure to feed each hero other heros of the same color. That gives a bonus xp to the hero and chance to lvl its special when lvling.

Concerning farming and campaign, I would farm 8-7 for the chance of more adventurer’s kit and practice swords to train more heros and then level more your current team.

Advancing in the campaign itself won’t actually give you any benefits. If you struggling, just let it go, work on farming 8-7, get that flow of items and recruits going and one day when you have lots of energy go back to progressing in the map and finish off the province.

Your main focus should be also working on the city and his buildings. Max lvl every farm, max lvl one of the forges and training camp. Ignore the mines, lvl them slowly when you feel Iron is getting scarce, ignore the tower, just work on the easy and fast lvls while you wait for iron to lvl something else for example.

Getting those training camps going and training lots of common and uncommon heros is how you rapidly lvl your heros. Forges will help with hp potions, arrow attacks and banners, get that going on the side.

When lvling heros try focusing on the 4* and 5*, they are keepers. The other ones will be gone soon.

If you can, replace on if the healers and try having a max of one in your campaign team (def team you can do whatever you want), they also won’t help much in Titans fight.

On that note, find yourself a helpful active alliance, talk about what heros are nice, check out people’a teams, like ACTUALLY read each card and consider why would those be nice together. That’s specially useful and important in raids. You can’t beat someone with close power number? Check the guy out, use that to “steal” and learn some combos. If you can’t figure out how that team is so good, try out one more time and see if it’s bad luck, ask your alliance, take a print and ask us here.

A huge part of this game is about strategy and having a good team, and that comes with experience.

Right now your team has:
Hu Tao: good multi-target hitter with a debuff that helps survival
2 healers: hawk being a big heal and believe being a heal plus dispell. If you can, drop Hawk.
Athena: good sigle target hitter with splash and a defense debuff that will increase other heros damage
Renfeld: single target damage with self healing.

All your problem is too much healing. A new green or red to replace the healer is for best bet. Something with a good damage centered skill.

Other than that, make sure to ALWAYS hit Athena’s skill FIRST. Specially in boss fights, delay other heroes attack skills until Athena has hit. You can also use mana potions to pump her up before using the other heros.

The order should ALWAYS be: buffs, dispells and heals that do not do damage (specially the boosts in attack), Athena, other heros that apply decrease defense, heros that apply attack buff when hitting, all other heros in order of the weakest to the strongest (specially if you have Athena, that way when it’s the last one turn, your strongest, her debuff stack will be at its highest and hit for a lot more).

You do that so you can clean your heroes of any debuffs first (can be done with antidote as well), apply extra attack, decrease the opponents defense (so it will resist less your attacks, increasing your damage done), increasing attacks with the hitters after the defense is low and then having all other heros do their damage and murder your target.

I think I went a bit offtopic… anyway, 8-7, farm thoses kits and swords! :wink:


That is brilliant. Thanks very much. A great help as I was doing a few things wrong it seems (levelling mines and Tower for example) so I will change my actions for my base etc. I have Shaarkot at two star that I could swap in for Hawk, I was just finding the two healers made me last longer in the Campaign, but if that is not a priority at this stage then I will make the swap for sure. Then I will hopefully get a better Red with a damage dealing skill!

One question, though I am sure I will have many before too long! My Stronghold is at lvl 9. Should I use the resources and time (30 hours I think!) to get that to 10, or just focus on the other buildings you have pinpointed?

Such a lot of help, thanks again!


SH 11 is a power level (additional farm and training camp) that will increase your hero levelling efficiency. If you have the iron to do so, punch it, it will help. You also get a barracks at SH 10 and if you find yourself in the enviable position of having a surplus of food and no hero to ascend right now, you can dump it into training troops (though this is expensive and hero leveling > troops for now). Also you get the extra low-cost training at TC 11, i.e. SH 11 is a big deal and worth rushing from a game efficiency perspective.

I wouldn’t drop Hawk just yet, her stats and therefore gem damage and survivability is going to be higher than the 2*… also when talking what I consider second tier maps (~9-13ish), depending on your survivability which you have in spades currently you can win on gem damage, but the focus for now should be on 8-7 for building up heroes, maybe with some 5-8 but I haven’t worked that fully out yet from an optimization perspective and I keep getting distracted chasing shiny things… stupid chain mail! :smile:

Don’t sweat having leveled the mines, passive income is never a bad thing and in the long run it’s beneficial… I’m actually somewhat leveling my mines now as I’m power building at SH 11 and iron has been short at times when I’m doing short queue time things (like farms), and of course food at others but I digress.

@Mai a like wasn’t enough, very very nice writeup!


Great, thanks so much guys! Will get Stronghold to 10 and then see what it needs for 11 and either push for that, or level the other buildings that have been suggested.


Like Revelate said, by replace Hawk I mean when you can find a 3*+ to take her place. Don’t replace for a 2*, get those SH lvls going and start training some 3* :slight_smile:


In case no one said it; don’t be quick to get rid of heroes you’ve leveled; you may find yourself using them later on a Defense or Titan team. Just sayin’…


Same goes for every 4* and 5*. They might not me good now, but that can change any time. Keep them shelved.


Ok, I did use some of my earlier characters to help level Athena but will keep future ones. I also have Ulmer and Ban at three stars untouched and will keep them in reserve.

I may have to rethink the SH thing, as my Iron storage is 250k and it wants over 300k. So they need upgrading a fair but for the extra +50k space.


I really wish this was true, but it is not. Might be true for one person but definitely not for me. There was a time I tripped over boots foot over foot. But all I have is chain mail shirts. Can you believe I have 13 chain mail shirts? This is why we need a trade everything system.

If this game needs a ballancing, its in the ■■■■ farming and dropped items. It is so unbalanced.


Weirdly enough, I’ve had more luck getting swords and packs in province 5 than province 8. It’s just slightly annoying, since province 5 gives almost nothing else.


Shopping in 14-9 right now for boots…3 tries, finally nailed it! Okay, 14-9 it is!


It’s very early yet but I’m starting to put together some data around loot; did this yesterday to play with presentation… very small sample size so far but when just talking packs and swords:

Incredibly tiny sample size where they pencil out pretty closely to each other (~5% variance) though that will probably change over time as I get more runs and data ingested for the database queries to munch on… had a recent awful streak in terms of drops in 8-7 this morning which will skew things again, eventually hope to get enough runs in various places to pull something meaningful out of it.

Count = number of interations of a given level, sword / backpack / items are per energy.


Has anyone tried to compare the winged/elite levels of each province? To me it seems I have more luck on those levels, despite them usually having less enemies.


When i was looking for boot i would use provance 13 stage 9 i would repeat that stage 3 times them i would get boots some would say provance 15 stage 6 so you can try those area good luck hunting


I’m basically going through some of the levels that are either commonly farmed by many people, or off the data that Mai has already compiled regarding drop and experience efficiency. 5-8 / 8-7 / 12-9 (?) / 13-6 / 15-9 (?) / 16-9 / 17-1 are the big ones, I tried some stuff in province 12 (12-5 and 12-9) but I didn’t really see the merits of farming that on small sample size compared to 13-6 when we’re talking 4 energy levels.

I’m making the blase assumption that drops in a given province are the same chance statistically with the exception of a special level… @jaspi I’m planning to collect some data in those, probably in either 15 or 16 but that’s later down the road after I get some good data on at least 16-9 and some better data from 13-6… chasing farmable ascension item data too to figure out whether it’s worthwhile farming the special bonus zones (though it certainly feels like it on small data from my running through 16 yesterday to get to 16-9 but I digress).

Also hard to know what the developers think of as “better” loot, could be some crafting material that I figure I will get enough of anyway through farming other things and therefore I’m not tracking them: I’m all about that base (hero leveling) anyway.

If others can think of other places that should be checked (@Mai ?) I’ll spend some time there too.

Long term project, though if anyone wants to contribute can put up some data entry thing, even if it’s just a google sheet for now.


The thing about items is that:

The loot system is yet a huge question mark, we don’t know how this happen, what is taken into consideration, if it’s slots that rolls itens.

So if you wanna work in this, I suggest you play an easy lvl, let’s say 8-7, and pay attention to the chest icon and when and who drop the items. If it’s always the same monsters, if it’s random, the amounts, all of that. Once you got some data you can try figuring out HOW you get loot.

Second, we don’t know if when we get loot it works like a token, example. You finish the lvl with 15 items, 9 are recruits, 6 are tokens that will roll for a random item available in that area. If this is how it works, then all of the areas have the same chance and it’s just a variation thing.

What we doing now, trying to figure out levels that will drop more, is SERIOUSLY not different at all of someone saying that days of the week have different drop for the hero rolls. And that since that guy always got better heroes on mondays, surely Monday’s have better drops, so save your tokens for Monday’s, ok?

Back to the point, lets say we got a dice, just because you rolled 10 times and got no 1 and 5 doesn’t mean that dice can’t roll those number. In our case, have you count the amount of different items that can be rolled? Around 30, each star having different rarities. A lvl is not amazing because you got 2 chain mails there, it’s just ODDS.

And for those odds to become some valuable data that requires a loot of entry for each case. Like thousands.

It’s a futile effort to try find it, may not even exist. But we can try UNDERSTANDING how it works and use a level that might roll more items. 8-7 for example clearly drops more items than it’s neighbors, today I was paying attention, it gave me 3 adventurer’s kits 4 times. That’s not that common.

I usually also only see those metal ores in stacks of 1, but in its right province I got 2 and 3 together.

Where is the best metal ore farming?

It’s not weird, province 5 gives more adventurer’s kit.

My suggestion of 8-7 is not solely based on whether it has the highest drop, but in the whole thing: more Iron, food, exp, monsters for quest, recruits and total items itself.

Usually farming 8-7 for me leave me with very few recruits left over, so more adventurer’s kit wouldt help. But that might not be your case. :slight_smile:


I tend to run low on kits and swords, so I find doing the elite level in province 5 gives me best results. This is however NOT tested, merely a personal observation!