Magni costum

Hey guys. I think this is insane. High single dmg and then def down for the enemies. You want to make more op heroes?

At -68% defense I would agree with you. At -34%? Nay, can’t hold a candle to Finley.

Personally, i think finley is way scarrier.
But magni is very decent sniper.
Here c.magni at +18 emblems with 1700 hp

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I have him costumed and maxed already at +18 talents.

His attack stat is way lower in the costume than what it was in vanila version. 818 in Costume vs 907 without (that including the costume stat boost but not the final Fighter node).

So in the end, his single snipe is worse than it was pre-costume.

Defense debuff only comes into play after he fires, not before. If you get to shoot him twice, then it’s good. But if you have tiles for that, likely the game is already won anyways.

Personally, the main bonus for me is that now I get to use both Vela and Magni on the titans - Grimm no longer needed. Of course fast defense debuff is always welcome, but it’s not even close to OP. Also, waving sadly at talent revival. That little pest is sadly a joke.

He looks like Steppenwolf…


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