Can a Defense Buff on Kunchen be dispelled?

If I put magni beside kunchen.
It’s natural ability to resist status alignment that affect defense will protect magni’s +63% defense, so it cannot be dispensed?

It can’t be stripped away from opposite status aliments but it could still be dispelled.

Not really, unfortunately. Kunchen has an innate ability to resist defense down (although not elemental def down - Jackal still gets to him). Def up from Magni is a buff though and can be dispelled or stolen the usual way.


But there are 2 different cases. Let’s say Kunchen has def bonus from Magni, Viv, Wilbur or similar.

  1. Debuffer like Sonya or Zeline can remove the defense buff from Kunchen, Hatter can steal the buff.
  2. What happens if Grimm or Wilbur fire special at Kunchen? Is defense buff removed or not?
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The negative defense status aliment can’t be applied on Kunchen and so the defense buff wouldn’t be removed.


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