Magni or Misandra, Jabberwock or Sartana

I am almost done with Sonya with costume and will begin working on my 1st blue 5 star. Also, I peeked at the next calendar and in a couple of weeks, I will get the tabard needed for my 1st purple 5*. I will also get the needed dart this month to finish up Joon.

I have the following maxed
Rigard ©, Tiburtus ©, Sabina (almost), Chao, Wu Kong, Mist, Kiril, Grimm, SonyaC (almost), LJ, Caedmon, Brynhild, Wilbur, Boldtusk, Scarlett.

I have the following at 3-70 - Sartana, Joon, Elena and Richard. I have Heimdall at 4-41.

When Sonya is done, I could ascend Richard easier, but I think Magni or Misandra are better (Misandra might be a better choice since Wilbur and her are from the same family). When Sabina is done, I can either choose Jabberwock or Sartana. I am farther along on Sartana though since she is at 3-70 and Jabberwock is unleveled.

My proposed raid defense would end up being (not sure of the order) Tyr, Misandra/Magni, Heimdall, Jabberwock/Sartana, and Joon.

So, who would make my defense team better - Misandra or Magni/Jabberwock/Sartana. I’ve seen others post the question but I didn’t know if you would make a different choice based on my roster.

Purple is easy for me, Jabberwock is a true monster, max him first

I have Magni and i love him, his speed, def buff and strong hit are great.
Misandra is more risky for me, if she get some channeling she is probably better than Magni but I feel like this is happening rarer than it should.

Magni is safer decision IMO


I have been reading these other threads about these heroes and i still can’t decide between Magni and Misandra.

For purple i agree with Radar that Jabber is awesome especially with emblems. He is my top rated hero atm. I use him for offense and defense. i have sartana as well but she is not on my main teams. She is plus 10 and Jabber is plus 15 at 850 overall. I got Jabber last event and really like him. Look at wings!!

Back to misandra or Magni. When i raid neither of these heroes worry me. However, misandra in the left wing can add mana to your heroes while Magni adds defense to the ones next to him only. I have them both at plus 7 cause i can’t decide what to do.

Anchor considers Jabber and Misandra A+ on wings, with sartana getting an A and Magni gets an A for flank.

Joon and Jabber share same emblem class. I love Joon but gave his to Jabber to make my alliance war D as strong as possible.

My lineup changes but has kept me in diamond raid arena but that prob has more to do with Telly than anything else.

Currently trying out Misandra-Grazul-Telly-Jabber-lianna.

Edit: will be moving Jabber to wing and putting Magni in his spot to see how that works next.

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Sartana is good, but Jabber is great. I’d choose him easily.

Between Magni and Misandra is tough, but I’d go with Misandra for the more balanced base stats and chance to chain hit and pump mana. Magni packs a punch but goes down quick.


In a complete vacuum, Jabber over Sartana and Misandra over Magni. What I think you should consider is where you want the heroes in your lineup, who gets what emblems and versatility. Jabber is more versatile than Sartana, but Wu and Wilbur all share emblems with him. Wilbur is pretty worthy of emblems I would argue but are you willing to strip them both to maximize Jabber’s stats? Not to mention, with darts you’ll have Joon soon fighting for those emblems as well. Very much a tough choice (not saying don’t pick Jabber but how would YOU want to deal with that scenario). Fighter emblems you seem pretty decent on. You can have a few to throw on Boldtusk and still do a lot with Magni. Magni is super useful almost everywhere. Sometimes his speed even saves him to be a tank. I would personally pick Magni because, as said before, Misandra can be iffy with her attacks.

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