Jabberwock, Sartana or Victor

Hi, I recently got my 6th tabard and am now deciding which purple 5* to ascend. I have Jabberwock on 3/70, Sartana on 3/70 and am currently working on Victor who is at 3/53. I also have Domitia on 2/60 and a couple of spare Sartana’s on 1/1 (6 purple 5 stars but no yellow five starts as yet)!

The rest of my current main line up is Magni 80+4, Gormek 70+8, Wu Kong 70+7 and Melendor 70+7. I am currently working on Victor as mentioned, Kingston 4/50, Jean-Francois 1/46 plus Mist and Mireweave for war teams. So I am fairly well set up in regard to snipers.

My team fights level 5 Titans and I participate in all wars.

After purple I will need to sort out my reds Grazu 3/70l, Jean F 1/46, Marjana 1/1, Elena 1/1 but I still need 1 more set of rings.

Any advice would be appreciated.


I can’t comment from use on Victor (I’ve heard really good things), but with a maxed Jabberwock and Sartana, I have to say I love Jabberwock and use him in all my raids, war defense and everywhere in between. No regrets in the slightest about maxing him


Jabberwock, hands down.

He’s a force when flanking defensively, and even though you can’t target heroes [offensively], he’s still got a killer hit and DOT, that can weaken down problematic wing heroes like MN, Alby and Finley, that makes him still worth it.

Sure, Sartana is better if you want someone specific dead, but Magni can do that for you, too.

& Sure, Victor has some solid utility at VF, but again, Magni kinda already covers that already anyway.

So yeah, easy choice (imo)


I’d say Jabberwock is the most versatile. Emblems are a factor of course - if one of them would get a big pile, that’s probably worth considering.

Good luck pulling a yellow…I went 1 year w/out one, and this month I got Sif and Norns.


3 good heroes. I have Sartana and Victor
Sartana was my first 5*. No regrets maxing. but that’s more than 2 years ago.
Victor shines on offense. Very fast defense up is soooo useful. Kunchen tanks, Victor laughs. And
he likes to destroy healer heavy defenses too. I use him a lot

Jabberwock is new generation and the strongest of the three - a beast and a awesome defender --> go with him. Only a pile of unused emblems can change this.

Sartana is kind of purple Magni, fast sniper and nice to have. But you need some variety so probably leave her for later.

Victor is versatile with his defense up (especially with Epic Lv 11 mana troop, as he can charge with 6 tiles) and damage + DoT plus heal stealing. He is nice response to Kunchen and healers in general. On defense he is not much of a threat unless RNG decides to hit correct target.

Jabberwock I don’t have, but I kinda hate to go up against him. So I would say level him.

One more for Jabberwock - one of the best purples. I hate going against him in raids.

Thanks everyone, that is a pretty clear result, Jabberwock it is. I


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