Trying to build my dream team for raid defense

I would love to hear opinions on what team I should try to assemble for raid defense. I only have 2 healers…Telluria and Heimdall. I have Heimdall fully leveled with 6 emblems. He’s my Paladin choice. I also have Kadilen(Druid) and Lianna (Ranger) to round out my greens.

Next is Red. I have Tyr (Fighter) who’s probably my best bet for red. I also have JF (wizard), Azlar with costume (Barb), Elena (Fighter) and Khagan (Ranger).

Blue is a tough choice. Misandra and Magni are both fighters. I have Isarina (wizard) and Richard (paladin). With Red and blue, I will either have a fighter problem or a wizard problem.

Yellow, I have to choose from my 2 monks, Joon or Leonidas. I also have Malosi (Barb)

Purple. I have Jabberwock as a monk, Sartana (wizard), Kageburado (Barb), Freya (druid), and Clarissa (Paladin).

Who would you choose and in which order?

This is a long term project. I’ve already started on Joon, Tyr and Misandra to the point that I will finish them. Heimdall is already in position. I’m just looking for future plans.

I would probably do:

Misandra - JF (because of conflit of emblems between tyr and Misandra) - Heimdall- Joon- Jabber

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Thanks. Joon and Jabber are both monks. I could put malosi as a barb for yellow or Kageburado as a barb for purple…or live with 2 monks.

I would probably do:

Joon - Azlar w/ Costume - Heimdall - Jabberwock - Misandra

But I am quite interested in Costumed Azlar so it may be a bit biased.

You’re going to have a emblem conflict somewhere for your optimal defense with Heimdall in my opinion.

Alternative would be to go:
Tyr - Isarnia - Freya - Joon - Lianna

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I am also interested in Azlar with Costume. I think the costume is a little too much (visually), but I think it really makes him a better character.

Hi there. I really don’t know how to post a message here so I’m just popping by your thread. I don’t know which one to level up, Joon, Inari or Justice. My main team is Mitsuko , Quintus, Lianna and Kiril. Any suggestions please? Thanks.

See: Forum ToS of my reply

Level Joon you won’t regret it.

Oh sorry i missed that… Well you can’t get ride of jabber he his an absolute beast on defense probably the best wing in the game with finley.

Unfortunately Malosi is not feat to be on a defense team but if you have no other choice then I would probably change Joon for him.
Do you have Myst? She’s a cleric and fully emblemed she could do the job until you get another 5* stars yellow choice.

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I do have Mist…currently with emblems up to 6. She shares emblems with Rigard at 14. I have some reset tokens if I ever needed to move things around.

Joon(Mon) - Alzar(Bra) - Hiemdall(Pal) - Freya(Dru) - Misandra(Fri)

Maybe will change to Magni when u have costume.
Remark… i interested Alzar with custome.

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