Take talents from Magni for Misandra?

So i am almost done fully leveling Misandra and notice she is in the fighter class like Magni. I currently have Magni at + 7 but he is on my 2nd war attack team and only used vs red titans and in war. I rarely stack my heroes together as it brings me bad tile luck. Frida + 11 is on my main d and o team but my other blue troops aren’t very strong so i tend to go rainbow for the most part.

I was thinking of putting misandra on my defense team as i have read she is best in the flank position.

My current defense team is 4358 with Joon+ 7, Sartana +9, Frida +11, Grazul +13 and Lianna +15.

I was thinking of replacing Joon with misandra and taking the talents from Magni but keep reading on here he might be better than her so i am really confused. Imo the D team is most important as it gets raided and needs to be able to win.

With what i have now i usually stay in the diamond arena although i just got knocked out due to my offense lol

Thanks for reading and hopefully someone gives me some good insight.


Raid defense isnt all that important

War defense depends on how organized and competitive your alliance is about wars

If you look at the game, everything rewards offense. We get no rewards for defense. Exception being raid tourneys but so inconsistent that i don’t see them as being worthy of a huge focus.

If you pull joon out of war defense, who replaces him?

And what color tanks do you guys run for wars?

If putting misandra in defense then left wing or left flank works and if it’s war defense in a war focused alliance then makes sense to dump your emblems into her

If usin both on offense and neither on defense then I’d leave magni at 7 and bring misandra up to 7 as well

Also advise working on getting better at color stacking, the advantage is ridiculously strong once you figure out how to minimize the effects of bad boards

Using rainbow is totally acceptable too though


thanks for the reply. Never thought about the offense like that but you are right, thanks for opening my eyes! Been playing the game for 1 1/2 years and always thought my defense team was most important.

I use mono vs titans but i guess you suggest i should build up more troops than keep feeding it all to my raid d team.

I can def do that and my original game plan was to do what you suggested with keeping the talents on Magni.

Reading the boards have made me think twice and that’s why i posted lol!


Do you have Line?


Yes but I’m not sure how to use it lol

did you set a line id?

It’s the same id here KingGerbs

That is probably your display name because it didnt find you

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