Magni or Frosth

6 telescopes waiting to be use. I heard Magni costume is a beast in both offence and defence, so i began powering him up. I pull Frosth right after him. Now it a struggle between both of them.
Which hero is better for overall. I was striving to a defence team like this:
Magni (costume), Domitia (not costume), Phileas fogg, Rigard, Reuben. Now… after i pull Frosth, my ideas had changes.

My others 5* are Misandra, Magni 2, Horghall, and Elkanen.

In a vacuum, I vote for C. Magni over Frosth. Frosth is fun, but he needs to support a minion maker, in order to get best use on defence IMHO. Also, he doesn’t deal any direct damage.

Just checking, Misandra and Magni #2 are both unfinished?

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For stacking, Frosth is best used if you have other blue summoner like Krampus and Glenda, or other minion summoners from other elements.

Misandra is finished with some emblems, however Magni #2 is still levle 1.

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I have Krmpus and fulled him already and now dont know level up which other blue and I have not many scope.
Ariel, Isarnia, Richard, Fenrir, Athena and Frosth are my options. Any suggestion,

It is interesting to see how people think about this two hero. So, I create this poll for you.

  • Frosth
  • Magni (have costume)

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Ariel and athena are great heroes to level up. My opinion is Ariel cus she is a great healer.

Ariel, if you want a solid healer. Athena if you want more oomph in your offense either in wars, raids or against red titans. I have both maxed. My Richard and Fenrir are both at 3/70. My Isarnia is still unleveled, but will get to 3/70 after I am done with Thorne, currently at 3/69. I still don’t have Frosth and I want him.

I actually have both Magni costume and Frosth. I already have CB Magni+20. From my experience of using C Magni and CB Magni, I prefer emblem from CB Magni because CB Magni can have up to 940 attack. I also have many Magni 1/1 from tc20. I actually plan to have second Magni as well then I pull Frosth (He is my first HotM :joy:). So, I choose Frosth. Because Grimm+20 is enough for me. You don’t need lower defense heroes to have high attack but you need sniper who use skill after the lower defense to have high attack. If I have second Magni, I will use his costume version but won’t emblem him. His costume version is tough enough for fast skill even at +0.

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Thanks you guys this helps a lot!

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