Glenda, Frostth, or Magni

Hope this is the right space for a question like this.

I have enough telescopes to level up one of these three.
Magni (without costume)

They are my first 5 Star blues. I like Magni alot, but wanted to make sure I wasn’t wasting my ascension items since they are so tough to get in the first place.

Without any additional information, I’d go with Magni.

But we need more information about your roster in order to provide good advice. What maxed 5* heroes do you have?


i have maxed Sartana with maxed costume and maxed Azlar (without costume) and almost maxed Joon without costume. That’s it for my 5 stars. I have costume Kiril and Sonya maxed and Gullinbursti maxed, and Melendor and Caedmon costume maxed for 4 stars. I am mostly free play so I just try my best!

Frosth is only really ok if you have other minion summoners, so I’d pass on him in your situation. Glenda vs Magni…without a costume Magni is REALLY weak defensively. Still, he’s a good sniper. Since you already have Joon I might lean towards Glenda. She hits pretty hard on 3 enemies and will buff Joon’s snipe if you put him next to her.

Either Glenda or Frosth. Frosth provides a minion wall of pain, which can be fun and powerful at your level. Glenda hits 3 and buffs her neighbors. Magni is old school and just too glassy, so I’d leave him on the bench if I had better alternatives, like Glenda or Frosth. All-round Glenda is probably your best choice, but you won’t go wrong with Frosth.

Yeah I’d hold off on Frosth until you have more heroes. I think with the few 5* you have ascended, I’d go Magni. He’d help on both offense and defense and he’s fast which is very valuable.


I recommend not maxing Frosth. Picking between Glenda & Magni would be a tough call. I’m inclined to vote Glenda. You seem short on cleansers, and she could help Azlar land a heavy punch. 5* snipers are valuable, but Joon and Sartana might be all you need there. I don’t have any more high-level 5* snipers than you do yet, so I don’t know what it’s like to play with 3 of them.

After having read your roster, I’d vote for Glenda.

As you already have two fast snipers, Magni could wait until the next scopes.
Regarding Frost, you don’t have any minion maker who could take advantage from him.
Glenda is a good cleanser and besides she can boost the attack of the heroes that flank her.

Thanks everyone for your advice!


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