Magni or Ariel. Help me decide

I’ve been waiting for my 6th scope. Finally got it. Who should get it? I was really wanting the whole Atlantis team (atamos at 3-70). But maybe Magni would be better. My defense team

Other ice heroes.

If you dont have other 5* cleanser and healer…
Ariel First imo blindfull mode!

But it would be better to know your rooster to provide a better answer…

IMO, Ariel is best for overall.
So I vote for Ariel.

They are both good.

I use Magni, Ariel and Grimm together as my blue stack.

Do you want a healer or sniper more?

In a vacuum, I’d go with Ariel first. But if you lack a good sniper, Magni’s your choice.

That’s a no brainer. Ariel all the way. Aim for the family. Poseidon is a good sniper already.

With Kunchen maxed and emblemed already, Magni will help you more right now. Ariel should get your next set of Scopes though

Thanks for the quick responses. I was leaning towards Ariel and you folks have convinced me.

Sure wish I could those isarnia scopes back and give them to Magni.

They’re both amazing. At average speed, Ariel is a phenom for the 2 part of a 3-2 attack team. Depending on how good your 2 parts are now, you could really benefit.

Ariel is my dream pull right now. I have a great 5* rainbow team except I have Kiril as my ice hero and he’s doing all the healing. Ariel would bring me and keep me in the 2400 cup range.

Unless you have another 5* healer like Kunchen or Vivica maxed out, definitely go with Ariel.

I have Kunchen maxed and he’s great. He’s also a little too slow on offense. I’m going to max Ariel now and Magni next. I’m just too intrigued by the family bonus not to.

I have Poseidon maxed and Marjana waiting on a ring so I can wait on a sniper.

Thanks for the opinions.

Magni is awesome, but Ariel is the one of the best hero in the game. Hands down the best healer out there. Good choice IMHO. Magni can wait.

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I think of Ariel as more of a mana freak than a healer. If she’s rolling and you have a couple fast heroes with an ok board…you’re firing specials almost every turn. Over and over and over. That’s why I paired her with Alberich. If they both fire, it will take a pretty bad board to stop you.

So, in summary Ariel is…for me…a mana mama, a cleanser, and oh yeah…a healer.

Magni is more like HULK SMASH with a neat defense buff for him and his neighbors.

I use both on 2 different teams

And went a long time with no 5* blue healer besides a 3/70 aegir

I’d go magni personally since he’s pretty useless without being maxed

Ariel would be up next though

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