С.Magni+Lepus+Kiril or Magni+Vela+C.Kiril?

Who is better 3tack blue team made from this heroes?

Kiril, Magni©, Lepus should take out almost a whole side if I’m not mistaken. So should be way much better.

Yes, maybe. But Magni + Vela + C.Kiril will debuff attack and made fast painful AoE due to C.Kiril def debuff, and Magni finish most dangerous enemy. Do not know which is better. But I will definitely level Magni first, because he made good combo with Lepus.
But C.Kiril make a good combo with Vela.

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it’s entirely situational dude, choose based on what you’re doing.

Raiding GM? use vela. Crushing titans? use c magni.

Some more notes: Now Vela is nerfed to - 34% Atk, and it is a same -Atk, which C.Kiril gives to other heroes.

Damage wise, C.Magni+Lepus+Kiril will finish two and leave other side not damaged, and Magni+Vela+C.Kiril will leave all heroes damaged, but kill only one.

way to quote none of my situational analysis and just two words lol … I stand by my recommendation. the nerf to vela was very minor.

I cannot quote all, because forum removes an quote.
While I generally agree with you, I asked about 2 3tacks and it’s general performance in raid/war.

On Titan I will take Kiril, C.Magni, Vela, Lepus, Wu.

I use Kiril, Finley, Vela and Sonja on a 4/1 in war…almost surefire win when I get 3 matches…and Finley does most of the times same defdown as costume Magni so comparable to your question. Think the only thing that would make no sense is costume Kiril and costume magni.

And grats for receiving Magni ©…great hero to have.

For me, Lepus is a better attacking hero than vela as he will help create holes in the defense immediately that you can then ghost through, so I’d go with option 1… but my question is, why force kiril into this at all? Why not go CMagni, Lepus, Vela, then have your 2 stack with a better healer like say, Rigard… now you’ve added cleanse, and if you have seshat or dom, great, you’ve added dispel also (rigard and ses are my personal faves as a 2 stack)

Costume Kiril adds a lot to a stack (if emblemed).

My own 3 stack of blue is Finley - Vela - C. Kiril

I’d recommend using Lepus, C.Magni, and C.Kiril. Vela does hit all and leave a DOT, but I think lepus firing at the end will take more out NOW, while Vela has to wait.

I usually deploy 2 healers - one in each color.

That’s fair for sure, I’d go option one then personally (not that I’m 3 stacking blue much these days) but you can win raids with either.

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