Master Lepus or Skadi?

I really can’t decice who to ascend as my 4th blue 5*.
I have C*Isarnia, Magni, Vela and 6 telescopes so i’m far-far away to max both of them.

Against red titans i am performing above average.
In wars everything is about Telluria defenses so another blue is almost useless (or not? i am looking at you Skadi).
I am satisfied with my defense (red-Tell-Vela)
My main focus should be events i think.

What do you think? Which one would you choose?

My other 5*:
Tell, Zocc, Lianna, Sartana, Clarissa, Domitia, Azlar, Marj, Vivica, Joon, Justice)

Unless you are planning on “competing” in the events, I wouldn’t make them too much of a focus.

In terms of which will be more useful in wars? Skadi is defs the one that will help. With ther recent special skill adjustment, she can now One-Shot pretty well all minions spawned & thus can rack up her “stacks” pretty quick against the GTV era of defences.

Of the two, I would probably go with Skadi as she will prove more useful in wars & raiding given the number of minion makers that exist / are coming soon.

Lepus is amazing & I love mine! But realistically I will use my Skadi more in war than lepus when I max her… Lepus will be good for your Titan Team due to his really high attack stat but if you’re happy with your titan performance there then I wouldn’t worry too much.


I’m going to pretty much repeat what @Guvnor is saying. After the buff, Skadi is good/great against Telluria tanks. If you have level 23 mana troops, that’s even better so that you can charge her in 9 tiles.

Master Lepus is great for events and his high attack is great for titans.

So, I guess it depends on what you want. A hero that is good against Telluria, or a hero that’s good for events and titans.