Another blue ascension topic

Got my 6th scope from monster chest yesterday. Also have 12 warm capes.
Pulled C.Magni today.

And ascension question:
Vela (3/70)

So, who? Also want 5* war center. Boril also has been upgraded today, but 5* center will be better.

Maxed blue 4* is Boril, Sonya and Kiril. No other blue 5*.

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Since Vela is among the rebalancing efforts I would say wait until you see what her amended version is.
I would potentially list the leveling priority as:

Magni with costume

But that is also going off insight on v. 5 of vela in beta right now.

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@voidstrike thanks.
I have only 3 maxed 4* from blue (Boril, Sonya and Kiril) and want more universal solution both for war center and for offence.

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If you need a blue tank, Vela is probably the best of that lot, but none are very good tanks, maybe Magni with costume as a fast tank with def down could be very nasty

In terms of overall utility, I am actually a big fan of Lepus. He just kills stuff. Combining him with Frida , pretty much always kills the target(s). People worry about his personal def down, but that doesn’t matter if the other team is dead

Having said all that, suggest waiting for V30. Right now Vela is probably your best option as she is borderline OP, and if they don’t nerf her too hard she would still be very handy

I think all of these would get scopes at some point, it is just who gets them first

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I have JF, so I do not worry about it)

Yes, about this. To have more overall utility. I think than C.Magni+Lepus is comparable with Frida + Lepus, and both are fast, so hit one corner with C.Magni, and then hit target by Lepus = 2 dead heroes on fast speed. Maybe even current Telluria will be killed by their 2 specials)

I think about C.Magni too. They have comparable defences with Vela, and Magni is fast with def down - can be used on titans. And 3/70 Vela is also good for saving Nordri from death on titan.

Ooooh you’re right, I missed the synergy between Magni Costume and Lepus, that would be awesome! Problem could be that Magni kills the centre of the three, but hey, you can’t have everything :wink:

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I do not think than Magni alone will be able to kill Protected Telluria or Protected Richard with C.Bonus)
So, Lepus will be very good finisher)


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