Is Magni-C now top blue defender?

with 3 def down, heavy flanky stats and 3.4k raw dmg at +14 emblems will he be the blue defensive hero to choose instead of finley, alasie or nerfed vela…?

It depends tank color, green then Vela is the first pick (if -54% attack to red is still there)

He damages one but debuffs 3. His attack stat is considerably lower than the normal costume. Finley is so much better.

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in his normal form with lowest def from all blues he had never chance to be part of the 2.6k-2.7k teams in flank position, often he got stumbled upon even before firing. as flank now he has a great chance to hold longer and cause alot of pain to attacker if not the highest sniper dmg. the debuff on 3 should offset the lower attack.

cMagni may be a better flank than Finley but Finley is the best blue wing. As for Vela comparisons, we’ll have to wait and see what happens when they nerf/tweak her.


cMagni should make a good wing, looks beast. But won’t outperform Finley there.

Even nerfed, with green tank, Vela still the better flank.

Those who want to see costume magni on defense


Agree, but he also can be a flank too. But wing suits him better, yes.

And C.Magni is very good on offence paired with emblemed Kiril and Lepus. Lepus + C. Magni = 2 dead heroes or one dead, two severely damaged heroes.

Finley is better on defence, but on offence he is situational.

Agreed on all points.

I was lucky enough to snag Magni-C and already had Magni maxed so quickly maxed +6 his costume, beast.

Planning to level the 2nd Magni so can use both on titans, cmagni for def down (over Grimm) and regular Magni for tile damage

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How wing and flank to be decided ?

I have yunan maxed emblem…then got telly …so I was gonna give them to tyr…but then I got magni c. still waiting on a dblade for tyr and magni is maxed already so not sure if I will wait for tyr or not?

Maybe it’s better to say he is an A+ defender as opposed to the top. Finley and Alice are so expensive to chase that they might as well not exist in the game for me anyway. I see much a higher likelihood that I eventually land c Magni. I think if you have a green tank, you’re probably still better off with Vela but if you have a purple (not Kunchen) or yellow tank, there is a very strong argument for using c Magni.

Personally, I see him more as a titan, challenge event, and offensive hero. But I suspect he will be very tough to deal with on defense as a wing. He certainly makes Isarnia obsolete for a lot of situations.

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You can’t surpass Finley. He has a Average mana Skill for Fast mana.

C. Magni is magnificent anyway, depending on tank color.

Dblames comes eventually. If you pulled Tyr you must max him, but everything on it’s time.

If you got a maxed Magni already, max his costume. It will be faster and cheaper - also no dblade needed.

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Interesting, thanks for the share.

The only flaw I can see in your play is that you would have had much easier battles if you had just stacked blue. :roll_eyes: That first fight was particularly brutal to watch; just nothing you could have done at any point.

Opinion plz, I have telly as tank and kingston+15 on wing, I currently have alasie +15 in the group. I’d love to get C magni in there but then I’d have 2 blue snipers and would need to take emblems from Kingston. Thoughts plz

if you run double color defense then changing kingston for magni would have no real impact. but for rainbow defense, you dont want to replace telly so kingston is out and on offense he definitely does not need +15. strip him and use emblemed magni-c as right flank, he will be superior to alasie as she shares the same specials secondary with telly while magni adds def down to boost your def teams’ attack.

Ty I needed convincing but, let me throw another option at ya. I will soon have killhare leveled up and she requires fighter emblems as well.

i would rather use seshat, ursena, jabberwocky or kage on defense. besides color competition there are better heros than killhare in fighter class, too. shes pure dmg which can have less impact on fight outcome that ailments.

Yeah if I had any of them that would be great :slight_smile: so still c magni vs killhare

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